Tuesday, February 3, 2009


~ Calvin Klein is trying push the envelope again with their ads. i know i really shouldn't like this crap, but i kind of do because it's hot. (NSF anywhere that prohibits you from watching mostly naked people)

~ you like A Tribe Called Quest, you like De La Soul and you like remixes. makes sense to download this goodness.

~ Asian Teen has sweaty middle-aged-man fetish....Oh The Onion. Good stuff.

~ anyone want to go to San Francisco with me? this hotel is sooo rad looking.

~ have i mentioned to everyone (who knows what it is. all 6 of you.) to stop watching ReelzChannel (if you ever started)?

~ this dude hilariously and awesomly rips the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past trailer to fucking shreds.

~ please do yourself a favor and rewatch the last episode of The Office. i honestly want to take notes on how many times it makes me laugh out loud.

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