Friday, November 30, 2007

New Portishead Album Due in April

i read that today on Pitchfork and it made me go "hell yes"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The 10 Video Games That Should be Movies

I love this!
From New York Magazine

(after you read that scroll to the bottom for an interview with her royal cuteness Ellen Page.)

Beauty and the Geek

i'm torn about which team i want to win this season!
i think i want it to be dave & jasmine.

and i'm really excited that i'm going to the taping of the finale on friday.
yes, i obviously fall under the geek category and i am fine with that.

if you are like me and want to vote you can do so until friday at noon at the CW site.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Film Independent Spirit Award Nominations

these came out a little while ago.
i'm still processing.
a few thoughts:

-Hooray Diablo Cody, Jason Reitman and Ellen Page for Juno!!!!
-Once nominated! Best Foreign Film. Kick ass!
-PSH nominated for The Savages, not Before the Devil....This confuses me a little.
-Marisa Tomei is Before the, really? so what? she looks good naked. that's it.
-Keri Russell should have been nominated for Waitress
-Joseph Gordon Levitt and/or Jeff Daniels in The Lookout IGNORED! (but at least it got best 1st feature)
-Yay! Parker Posey for Broken English
-Laura Linney ignored for The Savages. i don't get it.

For the full list of noms:
Film Independent

Grace is Gone.

I saw this sad movie last night and I really liked it.
The one thing I learned though, Clint Eastwood should score every emotional movie.
His music was the perfect compliment to every scene....and when tears weren't flowing freely his piano theme helped coax the ducts. Mary Anne and I had to stay thru the credits to regain our composure.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Be Kind Rewind web-site

i didn't think it was possible for me to get any more excited about this movie, then i see the new site.


it freaks out and some alert pops up that says the internet is being erased! good times.

you can also "swede" yourself onto a movie poster!

just check out the site. you'll see.

apatow & co.

I love this picture a real lot.
it's from Entertainment Weekly's upcoming list of the top 25 entertainers of 2007.
I love best of the year lists!

Albert Brooks.

I (finally) watched Broadcast News. I loved it. Love James L. Brooks. Love Holly Hunter. The movie was nominated for 7 Oscars and didn't win 1! A damn shame.
But, as I was watching I remembered how I am in love with Albert Brooks. This started with Defending Your Life and got worse after Mother.
He is the greatest. I have an age-inappropriate crush on him.
It doesn't help anything when his character has lines like these:
"Wouldn't this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive? If 'needy' were a turn-on?"
Love that.

Fun Facts:
a) His real name is Albert Einstein.
b) His brother is Super Dave Osbourne. (Loved him on Arrested Development.)
c) He turned down the lead in When Harry Met Sally

Beck Announces a Special L.A. Club Performance!

I love when I get email surprises like this!

Tickets on sale Friday November 23rd at 5pm
and it's also awesome when i read the message 45 minutes before the tickets go on sale with an "i don't really care either way because i've seen Beck 5 times" attitude.
so i learned that when i am shruggy and nonchalant i will get the tickets.

the show was fantastic and mr. hansen played all the hits. i'm not mad at him for ending the show with the downer "lost cause", because it sounded really pretty and the rest of the show was uppy and fun. He didn't play "Go It Alone" which i LOVE, but he did play "Nausea" and that sounded rad!
p.s. the super producer GOD Nigel Godrich was playing keyboards! Beck kept saying that they've only been playing together for 4 days so they couldn't play everything, but they played almost 20 songs! And Joey Waronker was drumming! I really wanted to jump onstage and thank nigel for producing some of the best music on earth. (radiohead dude. radiohead.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SNL + UCB = magic

two of my favorite things got married last week in new york. i wish i could've been there.
the writers strike has caused many crappy things to happen, this is not one of them.
the SNL cast performed the show live at the UCB theatre.
here's an article about it from the New York Times.
at press time there is no end date to the strike, so maybe SNL should bring the live show to LA? Hmm? Yes? Please?

Holiday Shopping, internet style

since black friday is almost here i am going to start holiday shopping online. this is because i hate the GP (that means general public, people). getting up the day after thanksgiving when it is still dark outside to stand in line to get into a store is the closest thing to hell i can possibly imagine. what goes on inside these stores? do they give away shit for free? do they tell you the meaning of life at the cash register? foot massages while you wait? are the discounts really that amazing? i don't get it.
this is why i like shopping online.

here are some of my favorite sites.
Uncommon Goods you can pretty much find something for everyone here.
Quirk Books great books that are quirky, hence title.
Perpetual Kid wacky toys. so fun.
Giant Robot the shit.
Sweet Tooth Designs pretty jewelry for the ladies.
Blue Q Merchandise random stuff. you can just maybe go to Wacko though.
Snooze City Designs this is where you buy rad pillowcase sets. (turnatbles, bride & groom, etc.)
Chiasso inspired designs for the home. the web-site says that, not me. i just say it's cool.
Insound CDs and band t-shirts
American Apparel everyone should own some AA
Flight 001 there's a store on 3rd st., but who wants to look for parking? go here for a traveler

Also good gifts: Magazine subscriptions! the gift that keeps on giving. in some cases longer than a friendship!
2 unisex ones that i love:
Blackbook magazine
Mean magazine

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whitest Boy Alive video

dude, this video is super awesome.
so is this band.

The Whitest Boy Alive.
"Golden Cage"

Green Team

Best Week Ever saw this on Funny or Die before I did but I'm posting it anyway.

I love John C. Reilly, Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. I think they should do movies together once a year. Hopefully Semi Pro delivers like this clip does.

here's the link since i am too lame to post a video right now.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Adult Swim

it's totally cool if you missed the season premiere of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! because you can just watch it online.
i'm sicky so i was in bed at a toddler's hour last night so i missed it. and forgot to set the tivo.
hooray for the wonderful world wide web! (and alliteration)

the best news? when i went to the swim's web-site i saw that they are showing episodes of
Gareth Marenghi's Darkplace! YES! omg people. this is the greatest news ever. a thousand thank you's to Bill for introducing me to this magical show last year. i can't even begin to describe it, not just cuz my head feels fuzzy but because nothing i type would do it justice.
just look it up and watch it and if you have a PAL DVD player then buy it from UK amazon or whatever. laughter will ensue. you can thank me later.

Strange Wilderness trailer

what do jonah hill, justin long and steve zahn all have in common?

a) they are all my imaginary boyfriends

b) they are all in this trailer

c) they all made me lol in aforementioned trailer even though i have a nasty sore throat

so what if this movie was directed by the dude who wrote joe dirt?
watch it:

Thursday, November 15, 2007


apparently writing about movies i am looking forward to is something we should all get used to, since i do it all the time.

here i go again (on my own! goin down the only road i've ever known! ack! whitesnake!).

ain't it cool news says that Persepolis will win the animated best picture oscar this februaury. i would LOVE that. not that i didn't love ratatouille. because i did. a lot. how could i not? it was beautiful and the stars are patton oswalt and janeane garofalo. but just the chance that the academy would recognize something based on a graphic novel, and one that is not G or PG....well i just think that is pretty damn cool. and it's in black and white! love that.
watch the trailer. it's dessert to the eyes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm really excited

1st thing i'm excited about:
Radiohead. In Rainbows is their 7th album and it came out on October 10th. i think i've listened to it 48 majillion times. (majillion is a lot, for realsies). track # 7 is "reckoner". i am in love with it.
listen to what the reviewer dude on pitchfork said about it. i am cutting and pasting cuz i agree 100%.
"It may not be the most immediate track on the album, but over the course of several listens, it reveals itself to be among the most woozily beautiful things the band has ever recorded."

because i am too lazy to type about it here's the link to the In Rainbows wikipedia page. damn i am helpful.

2nd thing i'm excited about: Project Runway.

it's been 13 months since last season ended. i've been missing it ever since!
this is the best reality show ever.
season 4 premiere is tonight.
(my wednesday tv requirements are totally out of control! i guess i should savor it since the strike is going to shove tv down the toilet.)

here's the PR wiki link in case you forgot how i am helpful and forthgiving with information.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Swell Season

I went to see them last night in San Diego. It was amazing.

Please rent or buy the movie Once on December 18th if you didn't see it already. Even if you did see it already. Watch it again!

Glen Hansard might be the most charming frontman of any band I've ever seen live.
And when his voice is joined by Markéta Irglová's serious magic happens.
Not that he's not good alone or with his band The Frames...
and I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but I cry like a little bitch whenever I hear the song "Falling Slowly". (there's so much beauty in the world people...)

I'd like to thank actor Cillian Murphy ( the hottie from 28 Days Later. (yes. i used the word hottie.) for dropping out of this movie so these musicians could meet each other. They're dating now and although their age difference is kind of giant, I'm not grossed out by them because they are so damn cute.
get acquainted with one of the best movies of '07*:
*in my opinion

Yes Country For Old Men

in no way do i claim to be a film critic.
all i know is what i love.

No Country For Old Men is one of the best movies of the year*. For me.

Joel & Ethan Coen, welcome back to the game. You're now forgiven for The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty*.

Javier Bardem is the scariest badass ever*!

Check him out! Yikes! --------------------------->

Roger Deakins is the best cinematographer ever*! Holy shit dude. This movie looks stunning. He's been nominated for an Oscar 5 times and has never won. Hopefully this will change that.

*opinion only

Friday, November 9, 2007

Angel City Drive-In

Tonight I am going to this and I'm WAY excited about it. (in case you missed it i have strong feelings for judd. those other dudes are pretty rad too. duh.):

But if I wasn't going to that I'd totally be going to this:

to see this:

That's right. A drive-in. Old fashioned. Classic. Sit in your car and watch a movie, drive-in. Totally fucking awesome.
A couple months ago I went with my friend Holly when they were showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure. What a perfect way to spend a night. Load up a shopping basket with snacks and deli sandwiches and drinks (yeah, drinks if you want) from the fancy Ralph's on 9th. Then drive like half a mile to a parking lot that might look shady any other night of the week. Yeah! Downtown rules and I love it. You pay by car, but you can go in on foot too....just bring a blankie or woobie or a folding chair or whatevs. Before the movie they show old-timey cartoons like you are really at a drive-in in the 50s or something. It's so great. When we went there were some dudes dressed as Pee Wee and people that came in on bikes got in cheaper. And you know how they go to a drive-in in the Pee Wee movie? Every time they mentioned "drive-in" on screen all of us audience folk cheered at our celluloid shout-out. Good times.
Needless to say I am sad that I can't make it to the dude-fest tonight.
For Future Reference, upcoming movies are Blue Velvet, Trading Places and A Christmas Story.
I'm so there.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Juno. How I love thee.

i am happier than a pig in shit to report that i was right in predicting my love for this movie.
it was flawless from the title animation and music to the acting and script.

if ellen page doesn't get an oscar nomination i might boycott the show. wait, who am i joking? i can't. i am a dumb slave to the oscars. i can't not watch. even when i get real mad at them. i'm still holding a grudge about julianne moore in boogie nights losing to kim basinger in l.a. confidential in 1997.

anyway, ellen will will the spirit award i'm sure. at least there are the spirit awards.

so, the soundtrack. oooh oooh the dreamy soundtrack! bra-vo to kimya dawson from the moldy peaches. damnit, these songs are so perfect in this movie. and sonic youth and cat power. this music meshes so perfectly with the characters and tone of the movie it seems as though they were writen just for the film (they weren't).

oh snap, and ellen's character juno has all these dope posters on her bedroom wall! fucking Tara McPherson posters! (Tara McPherson is my fave and i met her at comic-con and drooled on her a little bit.) also, juno mentions McSweeney's! i love that like 9 people will get that.
and holy shit is the movie quotable. if only everyone could talk like this. conversations would be more fun. hopefully diablo cody will get a screenplay nomination. i love her.

i want to be friends with juno.

i want to see the movie again.

everyone's great in it. i need to stop gushing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jonathan Gold!

Jonathan Gold is LAs greatest restaurant critic. i rely on him a lot.
He's a Pulitzer Prize winner people!
so i got all super excited when my friend lauren showed me this.

Food Critic & Pulitzer Prize Winner Jonathan Gold at SPJ-LA Mixer
LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold will share some of his "Counter Intelligence" at the Society of Professional Journalists' fall mixer on Nov. 15 in downtown Los Angeles. Gold has described himself as the "chubby guy with long red hair." But, most of us know him as the first food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize.
Here's your chance to share bar snacks with the area's premier foodie ... and ask him anything you've ever wanted to know about restaurants in the Greater L.A. area!WHAT: SPJ-LA's November MixerWHO: LA Weekly food critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan GoldWHEN: 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 15 WHERE: We'll meet in the back room at the Redwood Bar and Grill, 316 W. 2nd Street in downtown L.A; 213-680-2600. Street and lot parking is available in the area. The bar is close to the Civic Center Red Line Metro stop.COST: The fun's all free! (You'll have to buy your own drinks.)INFO: Please let us know you're coming by sending an e-mail to:

read his book:

read him in the la weekly:


last night i did the same thing i do every tuesday and went to comedy death ray @ the ucb theatre. it's always a good time, but some nights are more magical than others. last night was one example. tim & eric were there (everyone should be watching their freaky-ass show on adult swim). kristen schaal was there (she's mel from flight of the conchords and is super-fantastic). ron lynch was there and rad. chris hardwick, always delivers. a.d. miles from dog bites man (RIP), super hilarious. fast pop in from the great bearded one, zach galifianakis. but, my fave fave fave is Paul F. Tompkins. "PFT". How and why he is so funny is one of the great mysteries of the universe. If he doesn't make you LOL you're not on my team. No one else can make stories about his mother's wake (seriously) and a bad haircut so effing hysterical. his delivery, timing, and expressions are priceless and entertaining as hell. i've seen him do stand-up maybe 150 times and no matter what he always gives me the face-hurting laughter that i so desperately crave and thrive on in my sad life. plus he always wears a nice fancy suit.

be his pal:

buy his cd:

go to ucb:

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Edgar Wright on the radio.

right now i'm listening to the rad director Edgar Wright. he has taken control of jonesy's jukebox on indie 103.1 because Steve Jones is touring with the pistols.
LOVE this.
even better, my girl-crush Diablo Cody is on with him and they're talking about movies, the writers strike, and music.

Monday, November 5, 2007


that's what i call my boyfriend Philip Seymour Hoffman. PSH. it's easier for me to say when i'm like yelling to him from the living room to pause the tivo so i don't miss the beginning of whatever we are watching together.

i love him is the bottom line.

yesterday i saw Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

this is a small* film directed by Sidney Lumet, and it is fantastic. oscar contender shit, dude. one of those movies where you walk out and realize that you are back in real life. you know what i mean? you are totally submerged in this movie. it sucks you in. i didn't look at my watch, my mind didn't wander to my next meal or what am i wearing to work tomorrow or do i need to go to target. PSH is so amazing and casting albert finney as his dad was such a good idea (no recent dad/son casting this great comes to mind except seth rogen & harold ramis in knocked up). everyone does a great job here. ethan hawke = so good. mr. finney = soo good.

i realized that network is the only lumet film i've seen and i feel lame about it. i'm going to add something of his to my queue.

in conclusion: PSH might be the greatest actor alive today.

*by "small" film i mean it was released into 43 theaters, as opposed to American Gangster in 3,054 theaters.
p.s. American Gangster underwhelmed me.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Human Giant

if you like laughing:
Season 1 of Human Giant (literally the only reason on earth to EVER watch MTV) will hopefully be out on DVD soon.

they are currently shooting season 2 and they are keeping a really fun production blog.
sometimes i lose sleep at night trying to decide which of these dudes i am more in love with.

Julius Shulman's Los Angeles

Julius Schulman is a brilliant architectural photographer best known for his picture of Case Study House #22. ------>

There is an exhibition at the central library downtown where you can see over 150 rarely seen photos.
This is pretty cool too...
"The exhibition will also include renderings of current urban developments underway, so that visitors can compare Shulman’s historic photographic perspectives with images of Los Angeles’ future. "

It runs through January 20, so check it.

The central library is quite magical too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

E-cards, for laughs

This is a good one. Especially for me right now.

But seriously, this site will kill at least 20 minutes if you let it.

They're snarky and rude and I love them.

And if you're feeling extra vulgar there's this site.