Thursday, January 31, 2008

The D

remember these good times?

Michel Gondry is fun

he "sweded" (recreated) his own trailer.

casting news that i am fond of

The actors have been cast in the Jared Hess-directed comedy ''Gentlemen Broncos,'' about a high school outcast who has his story ripped off by a famous fantasy novelist.

Jemaine Clement, star and co-creator of Flight of the Conchords, Sam Rockwell , and Michael Angarano (Lords of Dogtown) will star in the comedy Gentlemen Broncos, which Jared Hess (Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite) is directing from a script he wrote with his wife, Jerusha Hess. The story is about a high school outcast (Angarano) who has a story he wrote ripped off by a famous novelist (Clement) while attending writers' camp. Rockwell will play the main character in the fictional story, which comes to life in the movie. Production is set to start in March. Clement stars with partner Bret McKenzkie in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, which has been picked up for a second season. Rockwell just starred in the Sundance movie Choke, which was picked up by Fox Searchlight.

fun with chyrons!

Chloe O'Brien is pregs

one of my favorite weirdos Mary Lynn Rajskub is with child. this kind of scares the shit out of me because every time i see her at UCB she is either shit-faced drunk or on some drug that looks like she is having a really good time.
let's hear it for over-population!


It's finally here dorks!
Januaury 31st.

Remember when it seemed so long ago? We were all going crazy about Jack's beard, and who the hell is in that coffin and Kate looks weird with makeup on in the future and all that....

14 hours.
Tick Tock.

the JJ Abrams marketing machine has been driving this van around LAX for the past few days.

Love it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinner For Five

watch the last episode on!
it's funny!
you learn things like: Justin Long only gets 15% off at the MAC store (weird).

Dinner for Five Episode #50
Join us for the Last Supper -- it's the final episode of IFC's Dinner for Five.
Host Jon Favreau is joined by guests are Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, Justin Long, and Keir O'Donnell. This episode will be available online for a limited time, and will premiere on IFC this Friday, February 1st at 10:30pm.

i love one take videos

the Mountain Goats new single Sax Rohmer #1 has a sweet new video. it's one take! the camera follows the song lyrics which are written all over the set, on clothes, on faces, etc. etc.....

(thanks for showing me this bill)

carrie brownstein rules

if you don't know who carrie brownstein is, you should. she's super rad and best known for being singer/guitarist in the band Sleater-Kinney.

since they are currently on some sort of hiatus and she's super smart, she has a blog on NPRs web-site called Moniter Mix.

she is also pals with my boyfriend Fred Armisen and they've done these videos together.

now i am going to copy her a little.

from her blog:

Listening to:

Imaad Wasif w/ Two Part Beast Strange Hexes. The album is out March 18th, but you can listen to it here.

Reading: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

Watching: La Vie En Rose (well, I'm not watching it right now, obviously).

Awaiting: I'll admit it, the season opener of Lost.

now my answers:

Listening to: (one of the few perks of using a PC)

you get to pick from a buncha different stations. currently i'm listening to "future perfect" and the song is "passover" from Joy Divisions' Closer album. Hmmm. Future? that came out in 1980.

Reading: Inside Inside by James Lipton. Don't laugh. Dude has stories.

Watching: Starting Out in the Evening. about to start it. in the morning.

Awaiting: I'll admit it, the season opener of Lost. (me too Carrie Brownstein!)

she would hate me i'm sure since i like, read Perez Hilton and add the word "like" to sentences. but i love her anyway.

fun fact: She had a role in the Miranda July film Getting Stronger Everyday.

Hardly Working...mostly laughing?

Jeff Garlin, Bob Odenkirk and Dana Gould are Hardly Working, Feb 1st at 8 PM!

iO WEST Theatre and Brett Paesel present Hardly Working in which WGA members take time out from their time off to weigh in on the strike, working, not working, and a host of other completely unrelated preoccupations.

Participants include: Jeff Garlin (Co-star/ Executive Producer Curb Your Enthusiasm) Bob Odenkirk (writer Saturday Night Live), Dana Gould (writer Simpsons), Brett Paesel (Mr. Show with Bob and Dave) and Cindy Caponera (writer Saturday Night Live).

For Reservations, call 323.962.7560. $10
Feb 1st. Mainstage. $10.

(i'm not even going to this, but it sounds fucking cool. i am weirded out recommending a comedy show that is not taking place at the UCB theatre.)

family portrait

i am loving this promo picture for the movie Step Brothers.

sigh of relief.

thankfully, "falling slowly" wasn't cut out of the Oscar race.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Heat Vision and Jack

If you haven't seen Heat Vision and Jack, please let youtube take you on a magical journey.
remember the first time you showed me this pilot bill?
when was that? 2000? 2001? God we are cool.
Apparently a feature film script is being developed.
Please let this be true Rob Schrab.

ear candy

thom yorke performed an acoustic version of my favorite song from "in rainbows" and it is unbelievably delicious.

Pitchfork has an article and download from Stereogum.

yacht rock episode 11

new episode = good times.

Monday, January 28, 2008


there is talk that "Falling Slowly", the beautiful love ballad from Once, may be ruled ineligible for a Best Song Oscar.

Click here for the rest of this story while i hurl my brains out. bullshit!

i could take down 18 5 year olds.


get amazing food in my neighborhood

Gridskipper has an article about some of the food in the wonderful 626.

they neglected to mention the Din Tai Fung Dumpling house in Arcadia.
that places rules.

Vampire Weekend.

New favorite band alert.

Their album comes out tomorrow.

I Love It.

They are doing an in-store at Amoeba on February 4th.

Then they are playing the El Rey March 20th.

i love/hate you SAG awards.


Daniel Day-Lewis.

~We knew he was going to win. He deserves it. His clip showed better range than some of the full movies of other nominees. He looked normal (ie, not wearing some crazy plaid get-up. sort of a disappointment really....part of the reason why i am in love with him is his bizarro weirdness. his speech though, combined with the Oprah appearance made me & the world realize DDL is very much the opposite of Daniel Planview..sweet, shy and softspoken...but also maybe secretly longed the work with Heath Ledger. Like a lot.)

Tina Fey.

Glad she won. Love her. One of the hardest people working in TV right now.

The Office.

Love that they won. I miss seeing Jim. I mean them.

Kate Beckinsale and American Ferrera.

My votes for most beautiful and best dressed of the night.

Miss USA (hahaha! America! Miss USA! I'm funny?) fucking owned this dress. Maybe it's because I am obsessed with grey right now..but I LOVE this. Well-played Monique Lhuillier.

I already think Kate is most attractive chick celebrity alive. When i saw her from a few feet away at Comic Con, I literally got mad. So not fair. How can one person hog that much hotness?

Dennis Leary. Why do I love him? Because when he came out to present....he addressed the audience " Hello Friend-o's". OMG. Magical.

Ok. Now time for the hate.

DEBBIE MATENOPOLOUS. Holy Mother of God. I watch the red carpet shit so I should be used to the stupid questions by now, but this asshole takes it to a new level. At least you expect rude shit from Joan Rivers, she's old and half dead and so made of plastic she probably can't control what flies out of her mouth. But Debbie. Oh God Debbie. Asking Ricky Gervais if he cared that Steve Carell was more famous than him! and acting like he was nominated for The Office, not Extras....Oh and when Brad & Angelina got there she's all "Brad and Angela are here!" I have a hundred more examples. There's not enough time. oh-but at one point she was making me so mad that i had to mute my tv and listen to music...whilst on mute i saw that the closed captioning people don't know how to spell Coen brothers. It's Coen. Not Cohen. Geez.


Stop giving people awards just because it's their last season on the air.


Stop Giving people awards just because they are old. Seriously. She was hardly even in the movie.


Sadly since she won she will most likely win the Oscar. How unfortunate. Marion Cotillard losing this category is one of the most ridiculous awards upsets I can remember. Please watch la Vie En Rose. She is absolutely amazing. Julie Christie, not so much. I thought the man that played her husband in the film, Gordon Pinset did a much better job. And, when they called her name she quickly reached into her bag to get out her speech. BOOO!!! I hate when people have speeches!

Angelina Jolie.

I don't care if you are trying to hide your pregnancy. You don't have to wear an ugly dress. Vintage Hermes? Who cares? Time to fire your stylist, that tent was ugly, not-ironed and a horrible shade of poop brown. Why does everyone love her? I don't get it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

america is really stupid

i just got my "weekend estimates" email from Box Office Mojo dot com and it seems that the ridiculous Meet the Spartans came in at #1 this weekend. How sad. I think someone should send Rambo to murder everyone involved in the making of this pile. From the suits who green-lit, to the brain-dead jackasses that bought tickets. Hahahaha. Just Kidding. Or am I?

Read what some critics had to say about this "movie" on MetaCritic.

one of my favorite lines from a review:
Meet the Spartans is a mild improvement over their Epic Movie, which is like saying that a debilitating fever is more fun than appendicitis...

One good thing about the box office this weekend...
There Will Be Blood is in the top 10!
and it's the only one in less than 1,000 theaters.

Speaking of PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON (all caps=enthusiasm)

the New Beverly Cinema is showing MAGNOLIA today through the 30th.
Apparently they did a midnight screening of Cool As Ice last night. SHIT. I am not happy about missing that one. Co-Workers? When are we going to watch that DVD...I didn't buy it to sit on my shelf!

Friday, January 25, 2008

have a good weekend...

since it's all rainy and shit, let's talk umbrellas....

look at this cuteness:

I'll be back on monday to talk shit or be happy about the DGA and the SAG awards...both which are happening this weekend....
DGA nominees are:
Paul Thomas Anderson for "There Will Be Blood," Joel and Ethan Coen for "No Country For Old Men," Tony Gilroy for "Michael Clayton," Sean Penn for "Into The Wild" and Julian Schnabel for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."

Cat Power has a good voice

I think Chan Marshall's new covers album Jukebox is super-awesome, despite what the uppity bastards at Pitchfork say.

Look at her MySpace page!

Oh My Heavens- Have you heard her cover of "Wonderwall"? so good....

will ferrell makes me laugh

this is Will F. in character as Jackie Moon for his new music video from the movie Semi Pro.

even if the movie is not that awesome, i am going to like it.

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise, says the narrator.

Brule's Rules

PFT sums up yesterday quite nicely

this should be fun

Doug Benson Loves Interrupting Movies- Romantic Comedies

Doug Benson (Last Comic Standing, Best Week Ever) presents a crazy combo of "The Benson Interruption" and "I Love Movies," bringing his fancy comedy pals onstage to tell stories and show clips from their favorite films, with Doug interrupting whenever he feels like it, of course!

Most likely Paul F. Tompkins will be there, and so will I.

too bad...

(from aint it cool news)

Re: That Paul Thomas Anderson Horror movie rumor-->

Hey folks, Harry here... a tad intoxicated, but still able to quasi construct sentences. Earlier today - AICN posted a story that was in reaction to a rumor that had heard that stated that Paul Thomas Anderson was looking to shoot a Horror film as his next project. Moriarty posted about it - but I decided to run the rumor by Paul to see what he would say. Here's what he responded with:

News to me. I thought I just made a horror film....
Wish I had something to report, but I'm dry as a bone...

So that's what the man himself has to say about it. Now does that mean his next film won't be a horror film? No. It just means that at this juncture - he hasn't begun to explore what his next film is. He's in AWARDS SEASON hand-shaking and meeting. He tends to take time between projects, I'll be surprised if he states what he's up to next for at least half a year or more.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


classy Fox News anchor, mocks Heath Ledger's Death.

i read this on Perez Hilton and it makes me kind of sick.

here's the whole story complete with audio clips from the asshole:
John Gibson Mocks ‘Weirdo’ Heath Ledger’s Death: ‘He Found Out How To Quit You’

*i try to keep this blog free of political talk usually, but i just want to share this.

is this serious?

my head just exploded.

Sam Mendes (he directed American Beauty, people), Dave Eggers, John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph.



American Beauty director Sam Mendes is taking another look at the American family, this time in a comedy written by author Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) and his novelist/editor wife, Vendela Vida (And Now You Can Go). The untitled film, which is being produced and co-financed by Big Beach Films (Little Miss Sunshine), follows a couple, pregnant with their first child, as they travel America looking for the ideal place to settle down. Focus Features, which will distribute the film, hasn't confirmed casting, but John Krasinski (The Office), pictured, and Maya Rudolph (SNL) are rumored to star.

This will be Mendes' first film comedy. His last film, the Gulf War drama, Jarhead, failed to ignite the box office or the Academy. He's currently in post-production on the 1950s drama Revolutionary Road, starring his wife, Kate Winslet, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Eggers recently co-wrote the screenplay adaption of Maurice Sendak's childhood classic, Where the Wild Things Are. The film, co-written and directed by Spike Jonze (Adaptation) was set to open this summer. Warner Bros. recently pushed its release date to 2009.

get smart trailer

with some foreigny subtitles.
(hopefully we'll see a smooth & silky quicktime version soon.)

the moldy peaches on the view

fun facts about the Juno soundtrack:

The soundtrack album, after two weeks topping Billboard's Digital Albums chart, reached #8 on the Billboard 200 in its first week of release.

In its first full week of physical release the album sold 68000 copies, reaching #3 on the Soundscan album chart.

It missed out on the #1 spot by only 2600 copies.

jon brion is cool

the onion a/v club has an interview.

(look at his cute rosy cheeks in this picture)

Radiohead, Rolling Stone

the greatest band in the world is on the cover on Rolling Stone.

read it already.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

diablo cody reunited with david letterman

in case you missed it.

dineLA Restaurant Week

dineLA Restaurant Week is coming!

Local foodies and visitors to LA will now have the opportunity to indulge in a selection of specially priced three-course menus from some of LA’s best restaurants during dineLA Restaurant Week.

2008 Dates:

January 27 to February 1, 2008
February 3 to February 8, 2008

dineLA Restaurant Week unites restaurants from the traditional to the trendy to promote the extraordinary diversity and culinary expertise found throughout LA’s restaurant scene. Restaurants in two dining categories will serve a selection of three-course menus at special prices (per person excluding beverages, tax and gratuity):

lunch dinner
deluxe $15 $25
premiere $22 $34

ok seriously. some of the BEST places to eat are participating:

Tiara Cafe
Liberty Grill
Nick & Stef's Steakhouse
The Palm ( i can finally go)
Luna Park
Chaya Venice

those are just some that i love.
LAist has an article on the restaurant week kickoff party. see my favortie chef fred eric party with the mayor.

let's go to Largo in February

2 things:

February 11th
The Greg Proops Chat Show. Always fun & interesting.
Guests: The Watson Twins and Rhett Miller....More TBA

February 16th
826LA Benefit
Guests: Zooey Deschanel & more TBA
these benefits are always rad and usually include a singer, an author, and a comedian.
i guess Zooey will be singing? she has a great singing voice. remember in Elf when she is singing in the shower?

p.s. the honey chicken at Largo is delicious.
p.s.s. the sklar brothers, patton oswalt and bj novak are also doing shows...

this could be the scariest film ever made. ever.

word on the street is that Paul Thomas Anderson's next film will be filed under "horror".
amazing. i love it. he should tackle every genre. just please don't wait so long between projects.

(i love this picture. he's all "i got 8 oscar nominations yesterday. how many did you get?")

maybe skinny isn't always better

this article is interesting in an FYI kind of way.

MacBook Air: top 10 things wrong with it

the denial twist

behold the 4th video collaboration between michel gondry and the white stripes.

it also features a cameo from my favorite bearded dude right now, pre-beard, conan o'brien. the stripes were on late night as the house band for a week straight in 2005, and that's when they filmed this. (read more about the video shoot here)

this is kind of a blast from the past i realize but my ipod on shuffle presented the song to me this morning on the way into work. i kind of forgot how much i love it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger just died

this is just sad.

NY TIMES article

please God let this be true.

the other half of the research department (good eye(s) cary) just saw something fucking fantastic on imdb.
spike jonze is in talks to direct the Ripley's Believe it or Not movie.
jim carrey and spike together = the new hotness.

fun facts:

Johnny Depp was at one point attached to play Ripley, but prior commitments made him unable to star.

Tim Burton was signed on to direct, but ended his involvement to commence work on _Sweeney Todd (2007).

Michel Gondry was briefly attached to direct after Tim Burton left.

I Drink Your Milkshake!

this is my new favorite web-site.

the site is basically a huge message board at this point...but at least there is that awesome sound clip.

america ruins tv shows from other countries

maybe the office is the only time in the history of tv where america didn't ruin a tv show from another country. ok, who's line is it anyway? wasn't so bad.

but here we go again:
kath & kim is a fantastic show from australia and i just read that we are remaking it with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. i like these 2 ladies a lot and maybe they won't fuck it up? glass half full? i'm ron burgundy?

Oscar nominations

wow. craziness.
*There Will Be Blood and No Country both scored 8 nominations. right on.

*Juno kicked ass. 4 nominations total. Best Actress, Best Picture, Original screenplay, but No one expected Jason Reitman to get a director nom. I love it. Know why? Because if it wasn't for him we would have a totally different soundtrack. He's the one who asked Ellen Page what music she thought Juno would listen too. Hence, awesome tunes from the Kimya Dawson and the Moldy Peaches.

*Michael Clayton kicked ass and got 7 nominations.

*Laura Linney got nominated for a movie I loved- The Savages.

*They remembered Viggo Mortenson in Eastern Promises! Yay!

*Roger Deakins~The Best Cinematographer alive got 2 nominations!! that rules. we knew he'd get 1, but 2. He'll win for No Country. No one else could make a gruesome nasty murder scene in the desert look beautiful. He's had 5 nominations in previous years and never won. It's time dude.
Also awesome.....No Country For Old Men was nominated for editing. Best part is their editor: Roderick Jayne. Why is this name funny? Because the dude isn't real. Joel & Ethan Coen edit their own films. The name was made up by them in '92 because to quote Joel "There were already enough Coens in the credits of our movies."
Love those dudes.
full list here.

ok. i have to work now. more later.

randomness, coachella

here i am, excited to be at work at 5:00am and eagerly anticipating the Oscar nominations!

one thing that sucks: Jonny Greenwood's score for There Will Be Blood might not be eligible

~p.s. ugh. the coachella lineup! wtf happened? i am happy about the breeders and portishead. i love portishead. i am excited for their new album. the sound of beth gibbons' voice bouncing off the walls of the hollywood palladium was one of the best sounds i have ever heard (that was in december 1997, btw). justice is there. Rilo Kiley is there. Little Brother is there (always gotta have random hip hop for the white people). I love Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks but I can see them when they inevitably stop at the el rey. Fatboy Slim is there. Wait, What? Is it 1998?
Headliner? Roger Waters? WHAAAA?
I am so confused.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Black, Gondry, Sundance

Sundance Q&A: Michel Gondry

The ''Be Kind Rewind'' director talks about the unusual concept behind his movie, shooting in Jersey, and more.

By Whitney Pastorek
This afternoon marks the Sundance premiere of Be Kind Rewind, the latest from French director Michel Gondry, and having seen it at an early screening in L.A., I can report that this fantasy — opening Feb. 22 at a theater near you — bears all the hallmarks of previous Gondry features like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: sweet-natured characters, romantic concepts, excessive gadgetry, and visual tricks simultaneously lo-fi and wondrous. Starring Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover, Mia Farrow, and official Sundance 2008 Overachiever Melonie Diaz (who has four films at this year's fest), it might be Gondry's most mainstream movie yet...but I might just be basing that on Jack Black's presence. Because, let's be honest, the movie's pretty bizarre.

coachella announcement today

today's the day bitches.
portishead, the breeders (enough to get me to go already), the raconteurs, my morning jacket, the verve and rilo kiley are among the few already confirmed.

full lineup is coming later today. i'm nervous and excited and dreading the port-a-potties already.

Friday, January 18, 2008

amy poehler and tina fey are awesome

from the first time i read about this i was excited because damnit, i love these broads. although i hate the title and realize that if this movie starred other people it could be garbage, i am going to see it when it comes out on April 25th (or fingers crossed at a free press screening).
thanks for showing me that this was online Cary. you are amazing.

Number 5 is alive!

in the Disney/PIXAR panel at Comic Con we saw lots of cool WALL•E stuff. a making of doc, some of the foley & sound stuff, production art of destroyed cities on earth.....etc.
at one point, whilst enjoying the presentation, and after seeing the WALL•E character i couldn't help but mutter out loud "johnny number 5 part 2" or something along those lines. the dude next to me nodded in agreement and we shared an LOL.

it seems i am not the only one with this opinion.

good stuff.

you want to touch Oscar®?

i might have to go to this.

there's an exhibit at the nightmarish Hollywood & Highland complex where you can photograph, stare at up-close, and even hold actual real Oscar® statuettes.

it might be worth it to brave the dorks with cameras around their necks and freaky street performers if you are into awards shows and movie crap like i am.

we had an actual Golden Globe award on Dailies the other day and i wasn't able to touch it, so that sucked.

runs from February 1 - 23.

Reprising one of its most popular events, the Academy will display for the public the actual Oscars that will be handed out at the 80th Academy Awards ceremony. Beginning February 1, visitors will be able to view and photograph the 50 golden statuettes - and even hold one - on the fourth level of the Hollywood & Highland Center. Admission is FREE. The 80th Academy Awards ceremony will be televised live on Sunday, February 24, 2008, beginning at 5pm on the ABC Television Network. The exhibit will be free and open to the public from February 1 - 23 on Level 4. Sundays - Thursdays 12pm to 7pm. Fridays and Saturdays 12pm to 8pm.

Karen 0 knows Where the Wild Things are

i already saw an extremely rough cut of Where the Wild Things Are and loved it.

unfortunately the release date has been pushed to '09.....this probably has something to do with the fact that like 88% of the special effects had yet to be completed and the music consisted of "Rebellion (Lies)" by Arcade Fire and "Rockers to Swallow" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs repeated over & over.
not that there is anything wrong with that. the songs are 2 of my favorites, by 2 of my favorite bands and they actually worked really well with the movie.

finally a hipster movie for kids! thanks spike jonze.

i can't wait to see the final product because i really enjoyed it even in it's fragile and deconstructed state.

this article from Paste magazine says that Karen O. of the YYYs is working on original music for the film. coolness. and how nice that her & her ex manfriend Spike still get along.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

comedy central stand-up showdown

if you are bored and feel like voting for something....

please vote for someone funny like Doug Benson, Maria Bamford, Demetri Martin, Zach Galifianakis, Todd Glass, Tom Papa, Patton Oswalt, Howard Kremer, Jimmy Pardo...etc...

please do not vote for someone unfunny like Carlos Mencia.

david cross and demetri martin got blindfolded.

Vanity Fair's one time insert magazine Movies Rock subjected the dudes to sounds from Bruce Willis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves's Dogstar, and John Travolta. The Blindfold Test asked its victims to listen to music of unknown origin and comment.

Hilarity ensues.

Upright Citizens Brigade

The UCB folks have launched their own version of Funny or Die and Super Deluxe and all those other sites that are great at making you laugh and wasting your time.

tomorrow is 1-18-08, FYI

attention dorks:

Cloverfield starts tomorrow at the Arclight Sherman Oaks.

I already have my ticket to the 9:30 show.

gondry interview

gondry/clowes. love it.

Dan Clowes writing the Gondrys' animated film

We told you back in October that Michel Gondry was working on an animated feature with his son, but some additional details about the film have started to leak out. Gondry spoke with Slashfilm about the project, saying, "It’s based on [Gondry’s son Paul’s] universe. He’s a sixteen year old. He’s very unique, very funny and very violent in his drawing and his art, showing everything that you could think of that I should have stopped him from coming in contact with, but I failed. He grew up watching Tom & Jerry and Ren and Stimpy, Sponge Bob. If you take all that and mix it with Gangster movies with blood, you get his universe."
The most interesting news, though, is that Dan Clowes, author of the comics Ghostworld and David Boring, is writing the feature. Clowes had been meaning to work with Gondry on a different feature, Masters of Time and Space, since 2004. While nothing much else seems to have developed on that picture, Gondry did say this new feature is "about a dictator who runs a crazy world where hair is the source of energy. The people there are forced to create art, and if the art is too good they are executed. So the dictator there doesn’t want anyone to be better than him so he kills the inmates who make good art. They try to make rubbish art but sometimes the worse it is for them, the better it is for the dictator."
Sounds about as weird as his Return of the Ice Kings, which means you should get excited. Hopefully this film ends up actually getting made and not just lost in the conceptual phase like Tine and Space.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will Ferrell on Broadway.

maybe this will finally get my ass to new york.


January 16, 2008 -- WILL Ferrell has been quietly poking around Broadway, looking for a theater for a show he's writing and will star in next fall.

Details are sketchy, but sources say Ferrell was captivated by "700 Sundays," Billy Crystal's hugely successful autobiographical one-man show that ran on Broadway.

"700 Sundays" made nearly $10 million in New York and continues to clean up on the road whenever Crystal decides to take it out for a spin.

Ferrell's as-yet-untitled show, which will have a small supporting cast and a band, will be produced by Jeffrey Richards, whose credits this season include "August: Osage County" and "The Homecoming."

The Ferrell Project will be autobiographical and include anecdotes about the comedian's work on "Saturday Night Live."

Ferrell also will do some of his fabled impersonations - of George W. Bush, Robert Goulet, Neil Diamond, Jesse Ventura and "Inside the Actors Studio" host James Lipton.

"The show's bouncing around at this point," a source says. "He hasn't figured out what it's supposed to be yet."


i'm not sure that i realized that there were this many HJ references in Rushmore.
(not a complaint, just an observance)

Fun Facts:
Rushmore is almost 10 years old! It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in Sept. 1998.

The first voice that appears in the film and tries to solve the problem to the equation in Max's dream scene is Wes Anderson's.

radiohead. small venue. london. tonight.

bill you should really try to get into this.

for the rest of us there is the trusty world wide web.

diablo cody, oprah, stuff

i like this writeup from her EW column.

i also like that the G.L.O.J. are on Oprah today.

(G.L.O.J. = gorgeous ladies of Juno)


last night at CDR[1], PFT[2] talked a lot about PTA[3].

really, like 3/4 of his comedy set was talking about magnolia and there will be blood. it was like i died and went to geek comedy heaven and donuts were good for me.
it's weird when 3 of your favorite things collide.

my friend david put his set up on youtube. (david kind of rules)
check it. and ignore my hideous laugh.


pt. 2

pt. 3

[1] comedy death ray
[2] paul f. tompkins
[3] paul thomas anderson

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

comedy death ray

all i'm excited about right now is this:

i want this right now

so yeah. here it is. the sexiest electronic device to date, and that includes actual sex toys.
this thing fits in AN ENVELOPE.
an envelope.
my mind is blown.
oh yeah, itunes rents movies now. that's pretty cool and we're talking about it on "Dailies", but i can only think about this laptop.

happy MAC keynote day

in a little over an hour we might see a laptop like this:


pinkberry + coffee = ?

pinkberry just introduced a new flavor.
guess what i'm doing after work?

Monday, January 14, 2008

nick swardson induces laughter again

david spade rules too.

furthuring the gentrification of downtown LA...

and i love it.

the melrose trading post in moving downtown. score!

South Park Flea Market

Located in the heart of the Uber Hot (i hate when people say "uber") South Park District of Downtown LA. The South Park Flea Market is the creation of Phillip Dane (The Fairfax High School Flea Market).

Every Sunday9 am - 4 pm8th & Grand Parking LotLos Angeles, CA 90014
Downtown now has a cool place to shop, eat and hang on Sunday's. We have over 200 vendors, great deals on vintage, collectibles, new and used stuff.
Over 200 VendorsAmple Parking DJ and Live Music Vintage & Collectibles plus some of LA's hottest Fashion Designers (clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories.)

here's and article about the organizer phillip dane.

Arrested Development documentary trailer

i kind of love that other people feel the same way i do about a tv show.

the golden globes were awful

what a horrific trainwreck the golden globes were last night.

from the idiotic banter between nancy o'dell and billy bush to their bad hair (weird side ponytail and puffy mullet, respectively) to the winners that shouldn't have won to badly chosen clips.
obviously i'm not going to not watch, but there were many moments where i wish i wasn't. how about when javier bardem won (which i can't complain about) and nancy o'dell rambles off some crap about his hair in the movie and how "it tells you something is wrong". what a moron. no country takes place in 1980, that's why the awful hair. not because he's a muderer. what's your excuse nancy? are you a killer too since you have a bird's nest escaping from your left ear? ugh. whatever. the whole thing was just icky. i am all for the writer's strike and am glad the ceremony was canceled, but couldn't someone have come up with a better way to show us the winners?

dear hollywood foreign press,
did you even see these movies? why on earth would anyone in their right mind choose atonement over no country for old men? and i know johnny depp only won because he'd been nominated and lost 7 times before, but really?

dear nancy o'dell,
lay off the spray tan. your arms and your face are two shockingly different shades of orange.

oh well, at least they got the tv winners right (for the most part). hooray tina fey and extras!

one thing that comforts me: the hollywood foreign press, who decides these winners and losers, is made up of 86 people.
so there's that.

full list of winners

Friday, January 11, 2008


things to think about doing on Saturday:

*Diablo Cody will be signing shit at Book Soup. she rules, book soup rules. why not?

*Pervasive Persuasion @ MOCA

*art show @ the cactus gallery in eagle rock featuring photography by my friend catherine just


*The Thrilling Adventure & Supernatural Suspense Hour @ M Bar. Paul F. Tompkins is there.

* watch (tivo) the CBS Saturday Early Show in the 8:00AM - 9:00AM hour to see my friend Sara Bareilles performing live.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bret & Jemaine @ CES

i like kevin smith

Kevin Smith posted a blog today about starting to make his 8th movie, Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks together totally rules. (p.s. elizabeth banks is the hilarious one from 40 Year Old Virgin. Remember that part when Seth & Steve Carell are looking at her through the window of the book store? And Steve sees her thong and goes "what's wrong with her underwear?" and Seth goes "they're not in my mouth." maybe one of the best lines in the movie)

According to ‘Entertainment Weekly’, The Weinstein Company greenlit the project based solely on the title. (love that)

The End.

writers guild gets it right


Los Angeles and New York – The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) have announced nominations for outstanding achievement in writing for the screen during the 2007 season to be honored at the 2008 Writers Guild Awards held on February 9, 2008, in Los Angeles and New York.


Juno, Written by Diablo Cody, Fox Searchlight

Michael Clayton, Written by Tony Gilroy, Warner Bros. Pictures

The Savages, Written by Tamara Jenkins, Fox Searchlight

Knocked Up, Written by Judd Apatow, Universal Pictures ( YAY! YAY! finally props for Judd)

Lars and the Real Girl, Written by Nancy Oliver, MGM


No Country for Old Men, Screenplay by Ethan Coen & Joel Coen, Based on the Novel by Cormac McCarthy, Miramax

There Will Be Blood, Screenplay by Paul Thomas Anderson, Based on the Novel Oil by Upton Sinclair, Paramount Vantage

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Screenplay by Ronald Harwood, Based on the Book by Jean-Dominique Bauby, Miramax

Into the Wild, Screenplay by Sean Penn, Based on the Book by Jon Krakauer, Paramount Vantage

Zodiac, Screenplay by James Vanderbilt, Based on the Book by Robert Graysmith, Paramount Pictures

the kills

So I saw The Kills @ Spaceland on April 17, 2003 after reading something in the LA Weekly comparing them to the White Stripes. (only because it's a girl and a boy. musically they are so totally different. i love the stripes and all, but these 2 could kick their asses all over the stage.) It's gritty, bluesy, sexy garage rock that doesn't give a shit what you think. They rocked my fucking socks off. Some are critical of the fact that they use a drum machine. I don't care as long as it sounds good.

The album Keep on Your Mean Side (and everything else they've done since) has always been one of my favorite things to listen to.

I can't wait til they tour again.
These 2 are highly underrated for some unknown reason.

Their new album Midnight Boom is coming out March 10th and it's first single U.R.A Fever has a great video. It was directed by Sophie Mueller, who has directed some of my favorite videos (Blur-Song 2, Shakespeare's Sister-Stay, Radiohead-I Might Be Wrong, No Doubt-Bathwater, Polly Jean Harvery-Good Fortune). (just to name a few.)

please don't

Fight Club musical in the works (from Paste Magazine)
When you watch Fight Club, do you think muscles or musicals, testosterone or theater, six packs or stage sets? (Really, we could do this all day.) Fear not, dear reader, because you no longer need to file David Fincher’s 1999 classic solely in each of those former designations.
This is because Fight Club is slated to become a Broadway musical. In a recent interview with, Fincher expressed interest in a truly theatrical interpretation of the film, which would hit the Great White Way in 2009, ten years after the film’s original release. There isn't much else going on with the project, aside from the fact that Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk has agreed to it and Trent Reznor has expressed interest in developing the music. Of course, we'll keep you posted as things develop.
My response: $&@#^(!^
I'm scared, confused and alone. Someone please hold me.
Fincher, Palahnuik, & Reznor I love you guys. really. you are all awesome. Thanks Fincher for Se7en, Zodiac, All the music videos (especially Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted Snake!!!)
Palahnuik for the book Fight Club
Trent Reznor for all of it: The Downward Spiral, being hot, and not kicking my chair when you sat behind me at the Arclight when we saw Dawn of the Dead.
But seriously?
You guys are backing this idea?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

someone please make this shirt now

Speechless Hollywood

Mary Anne reminded me about the United Hollywood videos because her BF Zach Braff did one.

Here are a couple that i love:

starring the bateman family:

and starring alan cumming:

Sex and Death 101

nope! it's not the new class i'm teaching at the Learning Annex! it's the new movie from super-awesome Daniel Waters.

(the same Daniel Waters that wrote the greatest movie of all time, Heathers. really seriously, Heathers is what started me being obsessed with movies. we rented it for my b-day/slumber party in 1990. i remember starting it and loving every second until my mom walked into the room as Heather Chandler was all "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, do I look like Mother Teresa?" and promptly removed the tape from the VCR. this of course only made me want to watch it more. after a long tantrum and guilt trip filled with tears i got the tape back and my friends and i watched it like 3 times. slumber parties were fun. my friend kristen and i then added that tape to our list of other frequently viewed movies, Ferris, The Breakfast Club, and oddly Pet Sematary.)

IMDBpro (that's what i use because I am professional and fancy) says that Sex and Death 101 has a release date of February 22, but who the heck knows?

Besides Daniel Waters writing and directing, Veronica Sawyer herself, Winona Ryder stars and Patton Oswalt is in it too. This is one to look forward too.

This is an interview with Daniel & cast and Fantastic Fest back in September.

Cinematical seemed to love the movie. Read the review here.

Also noteworthy: My friend Veronica works for director Mark Waters (dir. Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and the upcoming Spiderwick Chronicles) who just so happens to be brother to Daniel. Um, she had Daniel sign a copy of Heathers on DVD for me. Fucking awesome.

Juno kicked National Treasure's ass ( a little )

Daily Box Office
Monday, January 7, 2008 (*millions)

1 Juno
$53.0483 (total)

2 National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
$172.1734 (total)

Doug Benson likes pot

this is the trailer for Super High Me.
Doug Benson describes it as Super Size Me with weed instead of McDonald's.

as Doug's 10,382nd friend on MySpace he invited me to a special screening of the movie last summer. it was damn funny and there are appearances by lots of damn funny comedians.
also making a cameo in the movie: my annoying laugh. over the 2 month period when the doc was being shot i think i saw doug doing stand-up like 4 times at UCB and Largo.
also noteworthy: doug's limitless knowledge of movies was never hindered by his highness. in fact i think being high might help him. you should listen to his (unfortunately) now deceased podcast "I Love Movies" . I went to almost every one of these and it was always a treat. Doug is like a walking IMDB.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Patton Oswalt and the KFC sadness bowl

the wonderful and hilarious Patton Oswalt has a "bit" about KFC. if you haven't heard it please get his cd or watch it on youtube.

so the peeps at the Onion had him actually eat one of the icky bowls. you can read this write up he did for AV Club about it.

the best year for movies in years and no one can even celebrate.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, January 7, 2008

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced that the recipients of Golden Globe Awards in 25 categories will be revealed during an hour-long HFPA press conference at The Beverly Hilton to be covered live by NBC News beginning at 6:00 pm PST on January 13. “The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards” NBC telecast and champagne dinner in The Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom is officially cancelled.

So Sad.

Meanwhile the Critics choice awards were last night. They got a couple things right by giving Jonny Greenwood best score and Glen & Marketa best song. And of course DDL got best actor and was literally the polar opposite of his character Daniel Plainview.

Full list of winners here.

(and now i am in love with
Javier Bardem because his
speech was super cute)

Monday, January 7, 2008

there will be coffee

i don't know who is responsible for this, but i think it's pretty rad.

cafe press has it for purchase.


Human Giant

Human Giant as I've stated before is the only reason to watch MTV.

One of the members Aziz Ansari has a blog. As an unexperienced (and lame) blogger, I am infinitely jealous of his site name. (it's called "aziz is bored")

i was pleased to read that season 1 of Human Giant will be out March 4th and will include hightlights of their 24 hour marathon on MTV. personally i would've liked to see all 24 hours of it on dvd, but that's just me.

Match Game @ UCB

friday night i went to this

it looked like this

Um. Seriously. Look at it. First row, Doug Benson's head is blocking Patton Oswalt. The best comedian alive PFT is sitting next to Doug, and next to him is Greg Proops (LOVE). Danielle Schneider and Scott Aukerman (producer of comedy death ray) finish the back row. They pick 2 peeps from the audience and play the old timey game show, hilarity ensues. After the show was over my face hurt from laughing. We stood in the rain for like 30 minutes for this, and guess what? I didn't care. I would stand in whatever. Whenever.

go to UCB.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Radiohead video.

Article from about the video and the best band alive.

opinionated much nicole? yep. get over it.

I asked for a car, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign?

i just noticed that the Nuart theater is showing Ferris Bueller's Day Off at midnight!

i've never seen it on a large screen!

it's very exciting!