Monday, June 30, 2008

i am in love

ignore those 2 dumb blondes.
i'm more in love with Jonah Hill after seeding this.
read his questionnaire, you'll see.

Hometown: Cheviot Hills, California.
Breakthrough role: Seth in Superbad.
Upcoming films: This Side of Truth, How to Train Your Dragon.
Number of shoes in your closet? “When I was younger, [I had] a lot more. I used to be way into, like, Dunks, like Nike sneakers and stuff like that. As I got older, I kind of was just like, ‘Oh, I just kind of need shoes to walk around and play sports in and shit.’ ”
Chuck Taylors or Nikes? “I’ll give New Balance a shout-out. Hopefully they’ll send me some free shit.”
Style icon? “I’ll put Jason Schwartzman. He’ll get a kick out of that.”
BlackBerry or iPhone? “I love iPhone because I listen to music constantly.”
Justin Timberlake or John Mayer? “Just say, ‘We tried to ask him this question and the only thing he would say is “Public Enemy.” ’ ”
What’s on your iPod? “Daniel Johnston; Pet Sounds, by the Beach Boys; Caribou; Arcade Fire.”
Favorite movie? “Broadcast News, The Big Lebowski, Defending Your Life, The Last Detail, Boogie Nights. I love Paul Thomas Anderson.”
Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation? “All three.”
Favorite drink? Mint julep.
Last book you read? The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.

Ok. Just the fact that Broadcast News is the first movie he mentions! and PTA. Swoon.
If you haven't seen Broadcast News, please do. Thanks.


are you kidding me with this picture?

this is some serious hotness. daniel craig should never wear a shirt. it should just be illegal for him to be covered.

oh right. the movie. that looks really good too.

punch drunk

Friday, June 27, 2008


Meet EVE (Extra-Terrestrial Vegitation Evaluator).
She's my new favorite onscreen chick. She's a badass. Go see Wall • E this weekend and if you don't like it you suck at life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

good stuff

so sad when a perfect song like this gets ruined by remakes & dorks trying to be hot while preforming it at karaoke.

where are the lotus plants?

is the lotus festival even going to happen this year?
the above photo is what Echo Park lake is supposed to look like right now.

the photo below is the lake today.
sad face.

Hey! Wha happened?

Edgar Wright and Ant Man

Edgar Wright Talks 'Ant-Man'

Wright confirmed that the second draft of the script is still underway, and that the film will be a, "different way of seeing a superhero origin, because you've seen so many of them and we really tried to figure out a fresh take on that story. So it's definitely a Marvel film but it's got a little twist on it in terms of the way that it plays out."

read the rest @ Cinematical....

Fun Fact:
I am a little bit in love with Edgar Wright.

happy birthday genius

On this day in 1970 Paul Thomas Anderson was born.

I feel like it should be a holiday.

geez american apparel

pretty soon the ads are just going to be people effing and completely naked.

at least there are these new hypercolor-like shirts. why? i am at a loss. i'll probably buy one though.

Dear American Apparel,
1989 called it wants it's style back.

Oh and another thing to file in the "AA peeps just don't give a shit" file, they straight-up just sell vibrators on their web-site too.

this blows

Comic-Con Update: Paramount Not Attending

Paramount Pictures will not be putting on any panels or bringing any stars to Comic-Con this year. They may do some viral stuff. But their big "geek" titles G.I. Joe, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Michael Bay's Transformers 2 and M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender won't be released until 2009. Last year Paramount kicked off Iron Man at the Con, which played big there. "The timing was off this year," said one Paramount spokesman.

UPDATE: As Slashfilm points out, Paramount was a major presence at the 2007 Comic-Con, with not only Iron Man but Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Beowulf and Cloverfield.
Cinematical has more info on what the other studios are doing.

Visual Acoustics

Yesterday I saw a documentary at the LA Film Festival.

Even if modern architecture isn't your thing, this well-made film could hold your attention. Loving the work of Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, and Frank Llyod Wright might make you enjoy it more though. This is crazy-embarassing, but more than once I was moved to tears by the beauty of the photographs, some which I've seen a million times others that I had never seen before.

Trollb├Ąck + Company did some great graphics, Dustin Hoffman narrates and Mr. Shulman turned out to be a very lively, hilariously sarcastic, but extremely likable dude. Huge surprise. For some reason I was expecting him to be a crotchedy bitter old man.

The director, Eric Bricker did a Q & A after the film but guess who got up and left because she was going to a Dodger game? One of the biggest mistakes of my life. F U Dodgers.

According to these pictures on WireImage the genius himself was in the audience (sitting very close to where I was). I hate myself for missing that. Hopefully they'll include it on the DVD?

Jason Bateman kind of rules

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I think I like this trailer.

(psst. it's guy ritchie)

robot cameos

this sucks

How the SAG Strike Could Ruin Comic-Con for Fans

If the actors go on strike…they aren’t going to Comic-Con next month.
A strike means the SAG members won’t be promoting anything.

just my luck.

I Loved Wall • E

Not only was Wall • E a great animated film, it was a great film. Period.

If there is a critic that shits on it, they don't deserve to be reviewing for a living. It was charming, visually stunning, sweet without being cheesy and at times hilarious.
And it manages to do all of the above and more with hardly a word.

Actually, I can't wait to see if a critic is critical. I'd be very curious to hear a complaint. What could possibly be the problem? The robot is too cute? I was admittedly skeptical, especially with Wall • E's crazy resemblance to Johnny # 5 from Short Circuit, but once you meet him you realize he isn't really like any robot you've seen before.

The one tiny problem working against the film might be that kids won't grasp it, but what can you do? They will undoubtedly love the new Pixar short before the film, Presto. It was fantastic! Hopefully that pops up online soon. It was non-stop LOL shit!
I'm not trying to be a Leonard Maltin and I'm not trying to give anything away, so I'll stop professing my love here.

Hmm...maybe one more thing~ I think next February we might see Andrew Stanton accepting another Oscar.
Yeah. I said it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

excited to see him tonight has a nice little interview with Wall • E director Andrew Stanton.

matumbo goldberg

random video time

this was the last song on my ipod when i got out of the car to come into work.
good luck not singing this for the rest of the day, me.

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - Say Say Say

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Pressure

about time

Dodgers Get a Public Transit Option

Come end of July, expect to see public transit hit Dodger stadium again after a 14-year hiatus (save for a small Friday night 2004 experiment that failed). A proposal is making it's way through city council this week and is expected to pass out of committee and the full council.
The plan, for the last 32 home games starting July 25, is to operate a DASH shuttle from Union Station to Dodger Stadium via Cesar Chavev/Sunset Blvd. with two stops along the way. Five buses would be put into service making passengers only wait an estimate 8-minutes before and after games for a less than 20-minute ride from Union Station.
It's estimate to cost $70,000, but councilman Eric Garcetti told the LA Times that patrons should expect to pay something for the service. By LAist's estimates, with 32 games and at least 1000 people using the service each time, paying $2.19 for a roundtrip ticket would cover the project's cost. Make it a flat 3-bucks and you've got $96,000, with an extra $26,000 for contingency or going towards some sort of transit fund. A full 81 home game season would cost $180,000. Here's to winning some more games and a better and more green Dodger experience.

Lest they forget to mention: NOT HAVING TO PAY $15 bones for parking!?

View Larger Map

Friday, June 20, 2008


A little birdy told me today that my place of employment/the best all-about-movies 24 • 7-cable network-you're-not-watching has acquired the rights to reruns of one of the greatest tv shows ever:

get excited!

Entertainment Weekly

i am currently in love with the new issue.

remember a little while ago when i wanted to marry the burn after reading trailer?
now i want to marry my EW.

some of my favorite things:

• listing how many times the word "like" is uttered in the pilot episodes of "The Hills" and "My So-Called life"

• i just love countdowns in general. something for everyone here, best video games, best books, best movie posters and on and on and on

• Rainn Wilson posing as different tv characters i.e. Xena, MacGuyver and more....

just buy it.

watch this

can someone please buy this for me?

trailer time

another look at Burn After Reading.

it's safe to say that i am in love with this movie. i might want to marry it.

Best Week Ever is awesome

because they found this:

Today’s Classiest Headline Award Goes To… By Michelle Collins

No Love for the Guru

Here, courtesy of Metacritic ( a smarter and more attractive version of rotten tomatoes ) i shall present some of my favorite quotes about The Love Guru.

i'm starting with the best one.

The Love Guru is downright antifunny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again.

(actually this whole review is pretty great. it's being filed away with my favorites of all time along with Kenneth Turan's review of Titanic)

The road taken by The Love Guru could hardly be lower, and leads nowhere.
- Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern

Never mind the Hindus; "The Love Guru" is offensive to pretty much anyone with a brain.
-, Stephanie Zacharek

Enraptured by bathroom humor that doesn't even reach sophomoric standards. It's more on the level of preschool.
- USA Today, Claudia Puig

Keep in mind that these are only a small handfull of quotes. I don't have time to get all of them. I have work to do. Geez.

Also hating on Mike Myers:


whoa dude.

Metrolink Ridership Increases 15.6% in 2 Days

Metrolink's ridership got a shot of adrenaline yesterday as ridership jumped to an all time high of 50,232 passengers -- a 15.6% increase since Tuesday for the regional commuter train service.
Metro Rail has jumped 6% since last month (especially the gold line) and freeway traffic has dipped 1.5% since last year ("91.7 million miles traveled in March to 91.4 million in May"), reports the LA Times.
For the last week, average gas prices in Los Angeles have plateaued around $4.588 for a regular gallon of gas. But that comes after a one-week 15-cent increase and a one-month 64-cent jump.

from LAist.

match game

with no Jimmy Pardo?

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Is Sarah Silverman the new Brett Somers? Could Norm MacDonald be the next Richard Dawson?The comedians have signed on to be on the panel for TBS' updated "Match Game" pilot, shot this week in Los Angeles. Also taking seats are Super Dave Osborne (Bob Einstein), Kids in the Hall trouper Scott Thompson, Rashida Jones ("The Office") and Niecy Nash ("Reno 911!").Andrew Daly ("Semi-Pro") is serving as host for the pilot, which is being executive produced by Robert Smigel of "Saturday Night Live" and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fame.

Jimmy's version of the Match Game at the UCBT inspired this i'm sure, but why isn't he hosting?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

are you the favorite person of anybody?

this is a few years old but i love it.

it's one of the videos on Wholphin's page from the YouTube screening room.

Git Watchin.

music video to movie

i saw this on and thought "Agreed"

Music videos have always been an underappreciated artform. MTV, which launched the medium into the mainstream, doesn't even play them anymore. But I've always been a big fan of music videos and always felt like I was watching a tiny, little movie. Considering some music video directors have gone on to great things in cinema (Spike Jonze, David Fincher, et. al.), that's not surprising.
Considering we've had TV series, video games, comics, musicals, toys and board games all adapted for movies, why not music videos? OK that probably wouldn't work but here are 10 music videos that should have been movies. I tried to avoid the obvious like "November Rain," "Thriller" and "Sabotage" and go with some out of the box choices.

Click the above link the see the videos.

p.s. Radiohead's "Just" is one of the greatest things to ever happen to anyone ever.

get smart

french dip sandies

According to Eater LA and this Craigslist ad P.E. Cole's Buffet is going to (FINALLY) re-open in a few months.

Thank God.

about Cole's:

The restaurant claims (along with Philippe's) that the first French dip sandwich was served at Cole's in the same year.
It is suggested that Philippe's is the original, as the sandwich was named "French" dip because of the original proprietor Philippe Mathieu's French heritage.
According the carvers at Cole's, Henry Cole first dipped the French bread in au jus at the request of a customer who had dental work recently.
The French bread was too hard and it hurt this customer's teeth, so Henry dipped the bread in order to soften it. Other customers, with perfectly good teeth, saw Henry dip the bread and requested that he do the same for them - and thus the French dip was born. Other theories exist, so debate is likely to continue.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

r.i.p. stan winston

carrie brownstein makes good points

just read this.

kitty cats

I'm really sorry if you aren't a cat person, but this is the cutest damn thing I've seen all day.
Are you kidding me with this?

the audition

this is a CLASSIC skit from Mr. Show.

*True or False:
Bill and I were in the audience for the taping of this episode in 1998.


It's episode 3 from season 4.
I'm kinda biased, but this is one of the best.
I can totally hear my annoying laugh in the background.
(MY LORD!!! It just hit like bricks! This is TEN YEARS OLD!)

*Whenever I ask a true or false question, the answer is true.

Method Man

here's an interview that Meth gave to Entertainment Weekly about his new comic book, comic book movies and owning 25,ooo comics. who fucking knew?

how great would it be if he was at Comic Con?

Method Man will be available on July 23rd.

p.s. i think this post needs the word comic a little bit more.


i love judd apatow

i know, i know. broken record.
can't help it though.

he performed stand-up last night at the UCBT for his first time in 5 years as research for his next movie and i was lucky enough to be in the jam-packed room.
i have most of his set on 4 seperate voicemails on my work phone. and some from Norm McDonald who was also there. Random has never been so awesome.

oh and Judd was presented with the 2008 Key Art Visionary Award last week.
Please watch the video montage and his speech.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wain, David Wain

there are new episodes or webisodes or whateverisodes online.

Wainy Days.

enjoy the laughing.

how i roll

while you were watching the season premiere of Weeds last night or being a normal adult, this is what i was doing:

( totally kicking veronica's ass on the astro blasters at disneyland! )

p.s. i am a tool

Friday, June 13, 2008


Roger Deakins & Wall • E?

it's true.

one of the best cinematographers of all time was a consultant!

Video Here.

Source: Aint it Cool


Bump n' Grind

R. Kelly was just acquitted.

if you ever want to pee pee on little girls and stuff, Chicago is your city!

i feel barfy.

that's what she said


dig this video


More on MySpace.

pssssst. the BPA = Fatboy Slim

Benjamin Button

Finally a teaser for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

I've been jonesing for some Fincher Action.

update: cary has just informed me that everyone has seen this already since they showed it before Indy 4. i felt like an idiot for a second, then realized at least i didn't waste my time seeing what most people are calling the worst movie they've ever seen.

New Beck Album Details

I bet he'll be playing all or most of these songs at the Echoplex tonight.

From Billboard:

The Danger Mouse-produced "Modern Guilt" is due July 8.

Here is the track list for Modern Guilt:

Gamma Ray
Modern Guilt

Soul of a Man
Profanity Prayers

aziz ansari hit the big time

Yay! This is kind of awesome news.

Aziz Ansari, 1/3 of the totally rad Human Giant (which i've stated before is the only reason to watch MTV) has been cast in the spinoff to The Office.

From Variety:

Producers are mum on Ansari's role, but he'll be part of a larger ensemble that executive producers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur are putting together.

The network, studio and producers continue to keep the new show under wraps and won't yet comment on show specifics. Still, it's looking more likely that the show may not be a spinoff in the traditional sense.

Despite early speculation that at least one "Office" character will segue to the new show, that's unlikely at this point.

Instead, the show could potentially be a "planted spinoff," in which characters are first introduced on "The Office" before moving on to the new series (think "Mork & Mindy," which morphed from one episode of "Happy Days"). It's just as possible that the show won't be a spinoff at all (which could impact who's involved with the show), but a wholly separate series in the same comedic vein as "The Office."
In recent weeks Daniels and Schur have been busy mapping out the show, which is set to bow this winter in the plum Thursday night 9:30 p.m. timeslot behind "The Office."

Other interesting points in this article:

Separately, Universal Media Studios has sealed a talent deal with thesp Rashida Jones, who appeared as John Krasinski's love interest on "The Office" before moving on to star in Fox's short-lived "Unhitched." Insiders said it's unclear yet what Jones may do at the studio, although a return to "The Office" is not out of the question.

In other "Office" news, the critically acclaimed laffer has just added to it's scribe staff: "Freaks and Geeks" creator Paul Feig. In addition, Paul Lieberstein, who doubles as Toby on the show, has been elevated to executive producer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i've posted before about She & Him.

i'll try not to gush here, but damnit i love this pairing.

zooey's voice is so pretty.

i have a mayjuh soft spot for jazzy saucy lady-voices i.e. Diana Krall & Katherine Whalen from the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

NPR has a live in-studio with Zooey and Matt. It's only 3 songs, but it delivers the goods.

Their cover of You Really Got a Hold on Me is one of my favorite covers ever.

that's not hyperbole either.

iphone commercial


i think posting this could be a huge tiny mistake.

it will probably be proven false in a couple weeks or so but...

Cigarettes and Red Vines has some shiz on what might be Paul Thomas Anderson's next film. They've gotten word that he may be taking on POWER PLAY about the ongoing battles between Las Vegas casinos and Native American tribes. Jack Nicholson was at one time attached to the script but it's unclear if he'd be involved in PTA's version. The script was written by Peter Bart, the editor-in-chief of Variety.

Source: JoBlo

pta on the henry rollins show

scott pilgrim awesomeness

this is a fantastic and informative article on the Scott Pilgrim universe.

in a nutshell it's a comic about a boy obsessed with music, that is now being turned into a film.
michael cera is scott. edgar wright directs.


apatow awesomeness

Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill have all officially joined the cast of Judd Apatow's next directing vehicle "Funny People" for Universal Pictures.

According to Variety, Apatow says the movie takes place in the world of standup comedy and the focus is on a comedian who has a near-death experience.
Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann joined the cast earlier this year.

carell vs. myers

it's officially ugly.

This Variety article has some interesting facts like:

Last month, Carell hosted the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" on NBC. That's the kind of free publicity that can't be bought. That is, until the "Get Smart" team learned that Paramount had bought the first spot on the show for an ad of "Love Guru," toplining Myers in his first major live-action role since the "Austin Powers" franchise.
NBC, with ties to Carell because of "The Office," appealed to Paramount and forged a compromise whereby a spot for DreamWorks/Par's August comedy "Tropic Thunder" would air at the first break instead of "Guru."

In turn, NBC agreed to step up its promos for the "Saturday Night Live Best of Mike Myers" special.

And if this rivalry (or Mike Myers in general) bothers you like it does me (doubtful) stay the heck away from the Venice/La Cienega intersection. There are like 5 Love Guru billboards. I'm not joking. One of them actually says "His Karma is Huge".
Gross gross gross. Get over yourself Mike Myers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

classic SNL

one of my favorite skits.
written by tina fey.

aimee mann

now am looking for more video from that night...when the 1st guest was russell brand.

links to like

> "Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse" will be written by Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, and will star Rogen and Jay Baruchel.

> How to take care of your baby for dummies. (Take notes Peter & Lauren)

> Favreau answers fan Qs about IM2

> Zach Galifianakis: On Dog Bites Man and other videos from UCB

> The recap of the Lost Finale. the chick who writes these is a little geniusy.

> ThunderAnt AKA Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

> Peter Bart blogs about the great Sir Ben Kingsley

> a review of the Onion Movie. remember that shit from 5 years ago?

> ReelzChannel (shameless plug)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the dopeness

this trailer is not wack.

even though we've seen like 42 different versions, this one's supposed to be "official".

don't matter to me.
with a soundtrack like this The Wackness can do no wrong.

i'm going to see this tomorrow. yay for me.


The Love Guru Simply Will Not Stop Until It Is The Worst Movie Ever

Monday, June 9, 2008

best. news. ever.

Seth Rogen has confirmed that there'll be a Q&A screening of "The Pineapple Express" at Comic-Con, the press junket for the film will also take place in San Diego that weekend.

i'm so there.

i love the kills

here's the new video from the kills.

1. they're hot and they're beating each other up
2. it was directed by sophie mueller
3. to borrow a quote from one of my favorite movies "If I could bottle the sexual tension between Bonnie Franklin and Schneider, I could solve the energy crisis." ~ Troy Dire
( in this case it's between Alison & Jamie )

1. no idea

project runway in LA!

sorry for this post if you don't have a vajay. (that's why i included this pic of heidi klum and will ferrell, something for everyone!)

Project Runway moving to L.A....for a hot minute

We were excited to hear that our beloved "Project Runway" is considering a move to L.A. this fall, after its fifth and last season with Bravo (which airs in July). The Weinstein Company has sold the rights to the show to Lifetime, and we hear they plan on splitting filming of Season Six between L.A. and New York. It's a significant development, and one that is sure to divide fans of the show, especially those who, somewhat myopically, still believe New York/Bryant Park to be the be-all-and-end-all of American fashion. Hopefully, the move will bolster L.A.'s reputation as a hub for creative innovation, and draw much-needed attention to the local fashion landscape, oft pooh-poohed in haughtier circles, but deemed under-appreciated by those who know and understand the terrain. "It's not all Juicy sweatpants in L.A., you know," sighed L.A.-based "Project Runway" finalist Rami Kashou when I spoke with him this week.Season Seven is expected to return to New York.

UPDATE: I spoke to Tim Gunn a few minutes ago and he confirmed that Season Six would be in LA for its entirety, with Season Seven moving to New York, and then Season Eight back to L.A. etc. etc. Long live Project Runway!

interesting movie shiz

~ the teaser for zack & miri make a porno has been taken down. thanks MPAA.

~ ben stiller and reese witherspoon and cameron crowe sitting in a tree.
(oh dear god, please let this movie be better than Elizabethtown)
while on the subject of Cameron Crowe, i recently bought Jerry Maguire becuase it was 5 bones at Target. i must not have seen it since it was in theaters, and part of me got suuuper annoyed with the "show me the money" and "you had me at hello" and "you complete me" lines taking over the entire universe. they pretty much overshadowed what is really a damn great movie. i guess i'm either stating the obvious or being sappy again, but I love it. it's a total chick movie with some football shit thrown in so dudes can like it too. well-played cameron crowe.

~ jack black kicked adam sandler's ass at the box office. let's hope steve carell can do the same to mike myers. not sure who i'm routing for in next weekend's marky mark vs. the hulk...

happy birthday

natalie portman is 27 today.
let's celebrate by watching this good stuff.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Shyamalan backlash

It's all over the internet. So much hate and love and fighting over this dude.

I happen to like this article in that is leaning in M. Night's favor.

The Happening is coming out a week from today and people are giving him shit about not doing advanced press screenings. Guess why assholes? It's so people (like you) won't give the whole thing away.

Whatever. I am not going to argue his genius, I have problems with him too...but for once in my life i am going to lean towards optimism. Let him tell a story and if you don't like him, don't go see it.

Admittedly, this video of him from Yahoo movies where he introduces a clip from the film is a perfect example of the extreme douchbaggery of which he is capable.

Now I'm going the be sooo typical of my gender (stereotype) and profess love for something in the movie The Village and you can laugh at me all you want.

The love story between Joaquin and Bryce Dallas Howard. Specifically the scene on the porch of her house. Yes, I am a cheesy, sappy loser but this is one of my favorite scenes ever. So damn adorable I can't stand it. I think this is why so many women swoon over Joaquin.

Behold the cinematography of the great Roger Deakins.


Christmas on Mars

Wayne Coyne, the most entertaining lead singer I've ever seen, talks to EW about Christmas on Mars.
The Flaming Lips movie has been 7 GD years in the making.

True story: it is physically impossible for you to not have a good time during a Lips concert.

google earth hearts mickey mouse

the Google Earth Blog just added this video of Disney World in 3D.

So if you're like me (nerd) and like Disneyland but have never been to Disney World (because it's east of Phoenix) and you also like cheesy youtube videos and Google Earth....this is your lucky day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

can't get you out of my head

things that are good

*the CDR lineup:

Tuesday, June 10
Fred Armisen
Janeane Garofalo
Andy Kindler
Andy Daly
Jackie Clarke & John Flynn
Jay Larsen
Hosted by Brody Stevens

*the Wall • E story in Geek Magazine

*press credentials for Comic Con

things that are not good:

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
seriously? i do not like.
as least there's Rainn Wilson

G n' R

NME has an interesting photo gallery of early Guns N' Roses in their early days with fun facts and some naked boobs.

if you care...

sidebar: how is my first post of the day about Guns N' Roses?

sidebar pt. 2: i have an unhealthy obsession with the music video "November Rain"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The Simpsons are SuperBad: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Write Episode

From SlashFilm:
Superbad scribes Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing an episode of The Simpsons.

(thanks swarz)

Son of a bee-sting

whoa dude.

2 of my favorite dudes

david sedaris on The Daily Show last night:

(sorry that computers suck in London and you can't watch this Bill.)

Fun Fact: David Sedaris told Bill at a book signing that he should tuck his shirt in so people can check out his butt.

Julius Shulman

One more reason to love the L.A. Film Festival.

Narrated by Dustin Hoffman

Visual Acoustics explores the monumental career of the undisputable master of architectural photography, 97-year-old Julius Shulman. Through the exploration of both Shulman’s art and uniquely individualistic life, Visual Acoustics offers an unforgettable portrait of Modernism’s most eloquent ambassador.

Populating his photos with human models and striking landscapes, he combines the organic with the synthetic, melding nature with revolutionary urban design.

The resulting images helped to shape the careers of some of the greatest architects of the 20th Century, with Shulman documenting the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Rudolph Schindler, Pierre Koenig, John Lautner, and many others.

Taking its aesthetic cues from Shulman’s own sensual and nuanced photography, the film’s narrative is built from a blend of Julius’ own images as well as in interviews with architect Frank Gehry, Academy Award - nominated cinematographer Dante Spinotti, actress Kelly Lynch, designer Tom Ford, artist Ed Ruscha, publisher Benedikt Taschen, and a host of others.
Julius Shulman is still photographing Los Angeles at 97 years old.

Here's the link to the LA Film Fest site where I am going right now to buy my ticket.

You can watch the trailer there too, it's kind of beautiful. I'm not even pms-ing and i maybe got a little misty-eyed.

Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in. ~ Ricky Fitts

Spring Breakdown

this is shitty news.
i've been looking forward to this movie since i first heard about it in 2006.

now it's apparently going straight to dvd.

From Deadline Hollywood Daily:

The comedy Spring Breakdown, starring a top-notch cast of great female comediennes including Parker Posey, Amy Poehler and fellow SNL alumna Rachel Dratch who also stars in and co-wrote it. "The studio has decided, despite excellent test scores with women of all ages, and Amy Poehler's rising stardom (Baby Mama), that it should go straight to DVD," a source tells me. "This is pure and unadulterated hatred of female driven projects, especially comedies, at that studio. It's a real shame about this film, because women love it." Personally, I'm not at all sure the more sophisticated female audience for Sex And The City and The Women is clamoring for a dumbed-down women's comedy. But could it be worse content-wise than the Harold & Kumar franchise?

sue me

Yahoo Movies has the teaser trailer for Marley & Me and i think i like it.

Go ahead and laugh Judgey McJudgerson, but I like puppies, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.
So there.

Joel McHale stuff

the a/v club has an interview with one of my favorite dudes on tv Joel McHale.

Fun Fact: Mary Anne used to work at E! and Joel is apparently very nice.

Fun Fact #2 Joel McHale is going to be in the next Soderbergh film The Informant.
Comedy greats Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Tony Hale, Andy Daly & Jimmy Pardo are also among the supporting cast. Hopefully they don't get cut.

wait, what?

Guy Ritchie Directing Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie has come aboard to direct Warner Bros.' Sherlock Holmes for Lionel Wigram and Dan Lin, reports Variety.
Ritchie is also working on a rewrite/polish of Tony Peckham's script, based on Wigram's upcoming comic book "Sherlock Holmes."

The studio is eyeing a 2010 release.
The logline remains under wraps, but executives at Warners are aiming to reinvent Holmes and sidekick Dr. John H. Watson. Wigram's noted that the new Holmes would be more adventuresome and take advantage of his skills as a boxer and swordsman.

(i think this could be kick ass)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


~ jackass critic jeffrey wells posted some stuff about Synecdoche, New York on his blog.

~ a/v club has an interview with robert smigel

~ the bonnaroo schedule is up. i am going (in my dream-fantasy)

~ the editor-in-chief of Variety/one of my favorite dudes, Peter Bart has his own blog now! which is rather amusing considering that he has been anti-blog in the past

~ and finally this fun video:

Action Figure slow motion video from Stig Nordas on Vimeo.

sarah silverman being serious for 4 minutes

Anyone who knows me is aware of my fierce, one-sided love/hate relationship with Sarah. I bring on a lot of the hate myself because I have seen her live too many times. She's a joke repeater and it drives me bat-shit crazy. Victor, John, Bill & I could recite a 30 minute Silverman set by ourselves, verbatim.

I will say though, The Sarah Silverman Program is one of the funniest things Comedy Central has ever produced, along with Dog Bites Man.

Anyway, I had tickets to the Paley Center event and I had to miss it for Tom Petty at the Troubadour.
Fortunately, The Paley Center (formerly the Museum of TV & Radio) has video of all their panels. All you have to do is get your ass to the 90210 and you have access to all of them.

Monday, June 2, 2008

another reason to get excited for Tropic Thunder

Click here for one of the skits from the MTV Movie Awards.

the threesome of Jables, Stiller & RDJ is completely and utterly genius.

things that made me laugh this weekend

laughing at ( in a bad way):

  • Mike Myers trying to use 100 year old bits at the MTV Movie Awards.
  • Hundreds (literally) of women dressed up super fancy at Sex and The City! Dude. You guys, it's a movie. I was at the Arclight at noon on Saturday and I was surrounded by cocktail dresses and 4 inch heels. NOON! All ages too. From 16 to 60. Insanity. But, as Bill said that's the female equivalent of geeks dressing up for Star Wars. Give me geeks any day. (editor's note: in no way am i dogging the actual movie, because i loved it for reelz)

Laughing at (in a good way):

  • Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reliving Wayne's World. Yes, I know. I said that I wasn't ok with his old jokes. But it's Wayne's World. I have a soft spot.
  • Seth Rogen and James Franco smoking "fake" weed at the awards. Was it? Wasn't it? Who cares? These dudes own.
  • Flight of the Conchords at the Orpheum Theater. A Delight.

beetle breakfast

Today in "Holy Crap I'm getting really old" news:

Fun Beetlejuice Facts:

  • i know every word

  • Warner Bros. disliked the title Beetlejuice and wanted to call the film House Ghosts. As a joke, Burton suggested the name Scared Sheetless and was horrified when the studio actually considered using it.

  • i consider Winona Ryder's character Lydia Deetz a role model

  • it won an Oscar for Best Makeup