Thursday, April 30, 2009


dear satellite radio,
thank you for reminding me about gems like this:

here's an interview with zach galifianakis about The Hangover.
if you aren't excited about this movie you are an idiot.

Franz Ferdinand got added to the Bumbershoot lineup. happy in my pants!

Lost was crazy town last night! again! i like this Best Week Ever recap.

this is a random sidenote but i really really hope stupid gladiator sandals and long dresses go out of style soon. they hurt my eyes.

eat at one of these restaurants today and be charitable!

and finally:
I super-love BlackBook magazine and I extra-love this interview with De La Soul about their 45 minute song for Nike.
(remember when I'm gonna see them at Bumbershoot?)

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Mary Anne said...

i don't think i can count all the ways i love that movie poster...