Thursday, May 28, 2009

rap bracket

Vibe is taking your votes on the Best Rapper Ever....bracket style.
Q-Tip vs. Kool Keith?
Gee, let me think.

Vote dude. Please Don't let Eminem win again.
Sadly this started like 10 days ago and things don't look good.

Vibe Says:

It's time to put all the chips on the table. Who has the best lyrics? The flyest style? The dopest hooks? You decide.

Last year, you told the world who THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE was. Looking back, it's no surprise our June/July 2009 cover star Eminem won the whole shebang: He's one of the best-selling rappers ever and a genius on the mic. Now we're answering calls for a recount, and thinking even bigger. It's time to place your votes for hip hop's best MC ever. We've included legendary voices from the Golden Age, crucial stars from the Platinum Era, and today's Twittering titans. To accommodate the scope of more than 30 years of rap greatness, we expanded our pool this year and started with 128 candidates. Each Monday, we'll progress to a new round, eliminating rappers based on your votes and your votes alone. Every visitor to can vote once per 12 hours. After seven weeks, we'll know which MC you've named THE BEST RAPPER EVER. Vote today!

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