Monday, June 22, 2009


i have such a FIERCE love/hate thing happening with twitter...on a daily basis i find myself wondering what will be next to come along and steal the its' thunder.

and just when i wish twitter would go away forever i see things that make me laugh like this:

Kings of Leon is the musical equivalent of that dude who used to give all the pretty girls backrubs in high school.
-Daniel Chun

Twittering from base of huge waterfall in CO. Alright nature, we get it, you're pretty. Nobody likes a show off!
-Rob Huebel

I'm not sure I like when billboards say "From the Guys who brought you..." What am I, going to a barbeque? Don't be so informal with me,
-Mindy Kaling

or things like this, that are just rad and informative:

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