Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A/V Club interview with one of the funniest dudes alive.

The actor: Thanks to his uncanny skill at playing the naïf/genial square/normal guy, Andy Daly could go down in entertainment history as Hollywood’s go-to straight man. He’s already made a sort of career out of it, first on MADtv, and most recently as the cuckolded principal on Eastbound And Down. But anyone who’s heard Daly do comedy quickly picks up on his ace improvisational skills and willingness to go into the dark places his signature character type would find distasteful. (Check out “A Star Is Born” on Daly’s comedy CD, Nine Sweaters, where his character runs through a disturbing list of horrible things he’s done.) And perhaps that’s really the Andy Daly type: the outwardly pleasant man who harbors some sick shit underneath the surface. The A.V. Club spoke to Daly during some rare downtime in his busy summer—he just finished shooting scenes for Transformers 3, and has a regular role in the upcoming new Paul Reiser sitcom.

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