Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Your Consideration

I've seen more movies in the theater in the last few days than the average Jane Q. Public does in a month. Fuck yeah me.
One benny was seeing this trailer which I hadn't seen online yet or heard much about.

Dear voting Academy members who usually have their heads up their asses,

Please consider Sam Rockwell who is one of the most outstanding, fearless and natural actors alive today. And fuck you for ignoring his performance in Moon.

Love, NDG.

P.S. Hilary looks like she does a great job here, but let's not throw awards at her because she already has enough.

P.S.S. Seeing Minnie Driver makes me want to watch Good Will Hunting.


Sidebar: I love that Tony Goldwyn directed this. I want good things for the evil Carl Bruner.

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