Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hooray for:

~ outdoor movies at Space 15 Twenty.
Get good food (with shit service) from Snackbar and watch classics like Major League (like I did last night) or Rocky (like they're showing next week).
word is next month they're doing all christopher guest movies. sucks (for me) that they do these on tuesday nights. it's weird cheating on CDR.

~ Tender Greens! 2 more locations are opening! 1 in WeHo and 1 and the Sunset/Vine tower! now all they need is 1 downtown.

~MGMT will be guesting on The Flaming Lips new album. Yes and thank you.
(i have forgiven TFL for the clustermindfucknightmare that is Christmas on Mars)

~ i missed Natalie Portman's Shaved Head at Spaceland the other night but I will see the crap out of them at Bumbershoot.

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