Monday, July 27, 2009

tradgedy of the day

you know you're me when:

you've just spent the last 15 minutes on a massive spider hunt. both the spider and the hunt were massive.
i spotted the asshole on the front door and then just as though he saw me, he dropped to the ground and to run and hide. the heat was on.

the first few minutes was spent weighing my murdering options. (sorry PETA, and those that i can't understand who want to let the bugs live and pick them up nicely and put them outside. what the h? they bite, you guys.)

i opted out of just plain ol' boring squishing and went for the magic bottle of poison under the sink made just for times like these.

the hunting process was made easier with the help of my cat who is closer to the ground and not a GIANT WUSS.

the hardest part was trying to get the cat to stop batting the spider around so i could drown him in evil sauce.

done and done.
then came the post murder victory dance. nothing too crazy because i have a giant headache.

and now back to the mighty boosh.

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