Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disney Con

Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim may be the start of something special

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Sure Iger, jump on that bandwagon.

Wait, what?
A Captain EO exhibit!
I feel like that means I have to go.
Annnnd they're effing with Star Tours! Nooooooooooo!. That will be a knife in the heart.

The leadership at Walt Disney Co. hopes so as it moves forward with the D23 Expo, a four-day event next month in Anaheim that will celebrate -- and sell -- all things Disney with celebrity appearances and slick sneak previews of upcoming films, television shows and theme park attractions.

The approach is pure Comic-Con, the pop-culture festival that has become one of Hollywood's most potent megaphones by providing hard-core fans with insider-access experiences that turn many of them into Internet apostles for movies, television shows and other projects.

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