Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Marc Maron had a great one-liner at comedy tonight. He was talking about hot hate sex with strangers vs. being a boring couple.
"what's really the difference between intimacy and just say, getting used to someone?"
i don't know. i liked it.

things of note today: i realized more than once that it can be really liberating being a bitch speaking your mind. you treat me like shit, good riddance. i'm talking to you, cashier at Ralph's. no i'm not.

i got gas in my car while wearing pj's and nike's. at 1:30pm. yes. i. did.

for karaoke, sometimes i like to pick true blue by madonna.

also, 11:45pm carrot stick binge: it's happening.

crankiness brought to you by: not watching one single episode of mad men today.

all of those lines sound like i am trying to be a twitterer. yikes.

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