Sunday, August 23, 2009

i love movies

i spent most of my day in a movie theater, smiling in the dark.

watching jack white, jimmy page and the edge play "dead leaves and the dirty ground" together was so perfect.
I highly recommend It Might Get Loud if you have ever closed your eyes to a listen to a guitar solo.
i mean, seeing footage of jack playing so hard that his fingers are literally bleeding (blood. bleeding.) and jimmy page air guitaring in his house. come on!

my only complaint about the movie is the it didn't get loud enough. (ugh. that sounds like a peter travers line, but i'm pretty fucking serious...even movie theater speakers weren't enough.)

i also saw Inglourious Basterds and thoroughly enjoyed it. i loved the tension-filled long drawn out scenes as much as i loved the bloody actiony scenes. no director can do what he does.

and i'm no critic so that's that mattress man.

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