Monday, December 28, 2009

love from Questlove

The Root's new music release, “Sandwiches,” was released on the Web by drummer Questlove. The collection is named after the songs played during commercial breaks; the Roots have composed over 1,000 of these numbers since their gig began back in March. In honor of the benchmark, Questlove took to his Twitter account and tweeted downloads to 22 songs. All The Way Live, a music blog dedicated to live performances, assembled the songs into the EP. Highlights include collaborations with George Benson, who jams alongside The Roots on Benson’s classic “Breezing,” and “Spain,” featuring the song’s composer Chick Chorea on piano.

One noticeable absence: Black Thought, the band’s MC, doesn’t rap on any of the tracks. Still, “Sandwiches” gives listeners a chance to hear The Roots in a fresh way and should hold over die-hard fans until the band releases its next full-length album, “How I Got Over,” slated for February 2010.

FREE Download: The Roots “Sandwiches” EP

as i have mentioned 30,000 times before, please be watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
it's the best.
also, follow Questlove on Twitter.

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