Monday, December 14, 2009

love letters

of great men volume 1....yep. the same book carrie is reading is Sex and the City. go ahead and judge. i like SATC. i am a living, breathing cliché!

i woke up thinking of one of my favorite letters from the man who has a complex named after him.

My dearest Josephine -- I awaken
full of you. Between your portrait
and the memory of our intoxicating
night, my senses have had no
respite. Sweet and incomparable
Josephine, what is this bizarre
effect you have upon my heart? What
if you were to by angry? What if I
were to see you sad or troubled?
Then my soul would be shattered by
distress. Then your lover could
find no peace, no rest. But I find
none, either, when I succumb to the
profound emotion that overwhelms me,
when I draw up from your lips, from
your heart, a flame that consumes
me. You will be leaving the city at
noon. But I shall see you in three
hours. Until then, mio dolce amor,
I send you a thousand kisses -- but
send me none in return, for they set
my blood on fire.

I mean really. The dude just basically killed it for every other man that tried to put a pen to paper. That letter is so perfect. And the bitch cheated on him.

upon a google search i found this screenwriter who blogged about Kubrick's Napoleon that is very interesting....
if you're into that sort of thing.

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