Friday, December 11, 2009

oh the pain

The UCB theatre and Comedy Death Ray are doing an Ebay auction to raise money for the LA Food Bank.

In addition to bidding on things like an autographed script of The Office, spending the day with Brody Stevens, and performing on Assscat! there is the one prize to rule them all:

Comedy Death-Ray 2010 FRONT OF LINE PASS

Go to the front of the line at EVERY SHOW in 2010!

You are bidding on two tickets to EVERY Comedy Death-Ray show in 2010 - along with FRONT OF LINE or RESERVED SEATING status!

Winner will receive two tickets, as well as either a pass to skip to the front of the line, or the seats of their choice RESERVED, for every CDR show in the new year!

never ever, in the history of time has there ever been anything more tailor made for anyone.
I would dieeeeeeeeeeee for this.
It's literally all I can think about, and I'm having a bit of a meltdown.
If only I were a normal functioning adult with a job and/or a credit card.

My favorite part is that the dude who won last year got announced at CDR this week and I recognized him but he is FOR SURE not at every show like I am. Bastard didn't even use all of his tickets.

I don't usually like to type this but FML.

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