Monday, January 18, 2010

thoughts on the premiere...

why why why do characters on 24 still second guess JACK FREAKING BAUER?

if Jack Bauer says "hey i think you have the wrong person" or "hey something is wrong here, so-and-so can't be trusted" or "hey, you have false intel" NEVER EVER DOUBT HIM. give him guns and stuff and let him go put the SMACK DOWN! NOW!


if Jack Bauer says "hey, i know a really swell lemon cake recipe" or "hey, i know of a secret way to make your nail polish last longer without chipping" or "hey, i hear that there is a sale on shoes at Bloomies" THAT'S when you doubt him! THAT'S when you go "Alright boys, cuff him! Lock him up! He craaazy!"

I mean, really.

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