Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Casting Clive Owen in a movie is always a step in the right direction.

Production Weekly has twittered that Clive Owen is set to star in the action thriller "Protection." There are no details on the plot, but we're guessing that Owen will have to protect somebody or something or both.

The film will be directed by Patrick Alessandrin, the mastermind behind "District 13: Ultimatum," which if you don't remember, was the sequel to the original movie based on an internet sensation that lasted all of five seconds. The script is by Brandon Noonan who has no credits to his name as yet, though at one point years ago he had a writing deal in place with DreamWorks and a potential project with Neil LaBute that never came together.

Owen's post-"Sin City" action film resume is spotty at best. "The International" and "Shoot 'Em Up" were abysmal and our hopes for this project aren't very high. Owen has the potential to be a pretty slick and cool lead actor for action films, but he has yet to find the right script to do it with. We aren't hopeful that this is one that will turn things around.

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