Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a few things to read or look at

where it is, and what you need to know:

~ The Playlist / Bill Murray talks about The Fantastic Mr. Fox

~ EW.com / Freaks & Geeks then & now. with some painfully unflattering screencaps.

~ ComingSoon has a Zack & Miri clip with an intro from Darryl Philbin. Dinkin' Flicka.

~ Best Week Ever / the 1st full episode of the show in it's new format, with Paul F. Tompkins as host. you can watch it online if you are too much of an idiot to watch it on tv.

~ Palin as Pres. / new additions are being made daily! click away you maverick.

~ LA Times / a new Hillsy show about Echo Park is on the way? i'm scared.

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