Tuesday, October 21, 2008


these are a few of my favorite things today:

* the ellen degeneres show. seriously. watch this video and you'll see. (basically dennis quaid was a guest last week and ellen had him wear an earpiece and he went into the starbucks on the warners lot and she fed him lines to yell out.) i'm about to watch kristin chenoweth do the same bit in the warners gym.

*speaking of starbucks. i went today. i'm not a psycho coffee person. i have a gift card and i was walking by it and i wanted an iced tea. and then i saw the pinkberry symboly icon thingie on the menu and my eyes went SCHWING. pinkberry and starbucks made a deal and now i am drinking my pinkberry out of a straw. hell yes.

* i saw the movie slumdog millionaire. yeah, i liked it. but my favorite part was before the movie started and this nice looking older dude sitting next to me goes "can i ask you a really gay question?" and i smiled and said "of course" and he goes "where did you get that skirt?" 
and i said "anthropologie" and he told me how cute it was and then we had a conversation about why doesn't anthro have a dudes department. i just love how he busted out with "gay question" and the sincerity of a compliment from a stranger. that was maybe the best part of my day. 

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