Thursday, October 30, 2008

kevin smith talks kevin smith (and seth rogen)

i like this article in EW where Mr. Smith takes us on a picture tour of his career.

i especially like his extremely nice words about my Fiancée Seth:

''I know I'm supposed to blow Seth about how great it is to work with him; that's the standard. But it's also as true as death and taxes. The guy's a genius. He makes good things better. For his tender age, he's more insightful about comedy and storytelling than most lifers I've met. Movies are in his blood. Mercifully, Clerks had been a big influence on him. Midway through Zack and Miri, I'd felt like I'd made Clerks just so Rogen could see it and wanna work with me one day. For a guy I'd never met till recently, we just understood one another perfectly. Then you add a leading lady who stands shoulder to shoulder with him and earns half the title by being just as strong a character as the guy, and you're off and running.''

Cute, right?

I have also been enjoying my Fiancée on the talk shows this week talking about his new Green Hornet diet.
On Kimmel he likened watching Jimmy eat a bag of chips to watching porn.
He even made Leno watchable:

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