Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Janeane Garofalo flame rekindled.

I've had a non-sexual girl crush on her since 1993. The Ben Stiller Show started it. Then came Vickie Miner in Reality Bites. (I'm also in love with that entire movie, but that's a whole seperate post) And her characters in Bye Bye Love and in Romy & Michelle's HS Reunion....and her in general in Cats & much cuter than Uma. Ridiculous.

(I just realized how much I ramble and and apparently love to use parenthesis)

OMG and let's never ever forget her HBO comedy half-hour from 1995. I have i memorized and it's awesome. But I digress, and I hate that phrase.

Last night I saw Janeane at the UCBT. I haven't seen her perform in SO long. She walked by my friends and I during the Frames at Bumbershoot and I pee peed a little.

Anyway, she was really really great. Laughs, cynicism (yay! i think i got some of mine from her) and pictures of puppies. Also, when I was in line to pee (i said pee again) she walked right in front of me and the woman is so tiny you could quickly glance and think she's a 12 year old, with tattoos.

Anyway, bravo Janeane. You might make me start watching 24 again.

New castmastes Janeane and Mary Lynn Rajskub will be at the UCBT on November 3rd. Sweeeeet.

I tried to youtube her HBO thingy but all I got were political rants.

Why doesn't HBO sell these?

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