Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My First Post

I'm going to keep this one short and start it off by saying that the whole point of this is for me to post shit that I am excited about.

I work here http://www.reelzchannel.com/ and I like to consider myself somewhat "on top of it" or "in the know" about movies.
I, like the channel I work for, am "all about movies 24-7". Except when I am all about music, comedy and television.

Here are some of the upcoming movies that I am really crazy excited about.

1) Be Kind Rewind (1/25/08)
You guys, I am obsessed with Michel Gondry. I love JB. Mos Def rules. I could ramble and profess love all over the place, all day long.

2) Juno (12/14/07)
I've heard people be all "this years' Little Miss Sunshine", just cuz it's small and indie.
The 4 leads are wonderful and i am currently developing a fierce girl-crush on Cody Diablo who wrote the script. Jason Reitman directed it. Hi. He directed Thank You For Smoking. Please Netflix that one if you haven't yet. It's good.

3) There Will Be Blood (12/26/07)
Paul Thomas Anderson people. Paul Fucking Thomas Anderson. A God.
oh yeah, Jonny Greenwood is scoring. Yeah, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead.

4) No Country For Old Men (11/9/07 limited, 11/21/07 at a theater near your mom)
Bad-ass trailer. Could Javier Bardem be any more scary? And it's the Coen Brothers. Come On! (I just said that like Gob on Arrested Development)

5) Margot at the Wedding
Noah Baumbach rules and I love that Jack Black is all Serious McSeriousson now. And that part in the trailer where he talks about punching someone is fucking hilarious. See pretty faces like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Noah's wife) without makeup!

6) Semi-Pro
Will Ferrell. A Sport. What more do I need?
Back in March they did a table read (that's Hollywood talk. keep up.) for this movie downstairs from me at work. my friends and i stalk-walked by the room and saw Will, David Koechner, Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000, and Will Arnett. My eyes were all SHHHHIIIIIITTTT. My exterior did it's best to remain calm.

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