Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Superbad. DVD-style. And Pineapple Express.

i'm gonna wear the crap out of my dvd player on decemeber 4th because that's when Superbad is coming out.
dude, i seriously saw this movie 5 times in the theater. 5 times! what a psycho.
and knowing those apatow people ( not in the biblical sense unfortunately, just in the fan sense) the dvd extras will be very laughter inducing.

and speaking of the apatow boys, i already saw Pineapple Express and it rules. James Franco owns that movie. just wait, you'll see. as of right now the release date is 8/8/08. that's really far away. hopefully they'll move it up.

this is a set visit they did on comingsoon.net

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