Thursday, February 28, 2008

cuter than Knut?

Welcome Wilbaer: Stuttgart zoo announces birth of polar bear cub
1 hour ago
STUTTGART, Germany - First Knut and Flocke, now Wilbaer.

A German zoo has announced that one of its polar bears gave birth to a male cub on Dec. 10. Germany's latest high-profile bear arrival follows Berlin zoo star Knut and Nuremberg celebrity Flocke.

But Wilbaer has an advantage over his famous counterparts: his mother, Corinna, hasn't abandoned him. Dieter Jauch, director at Stuttgart's Wilhelma zoo, says Corinna is taking exemplary care of her offspring.

Jauch points to the media frenzy that surrounded Knut last year as the reason the zoo has kept Wilbaer's birth under wraps until now. However, he says the zoo has had the name - a combination of the zoo's name and the German for bear, "Baer" - registered as a trademark.
The cub weighs about 6 kilograms. For now Wilbaer is being kept out of public view - and he is not expected to be on view in the polar bear enclosure until May.

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