Thursday, November 20, 2008

favorite picture ever (right now)

I saw this in Vanity Fair last week (the naked Kate Winslet issue) and it stayed sitting open on my desk so i can glance at it whenever i feel like it.

in case you can't tell, that's a table read for the movie Funny People. I slightly worship all of those people for different reasons.

I was lucky enough to see 5 of them doing stand-up at UCB, but adding Schwartman, Leslie Mann, the effing RZA and Eric Bana to the mix is kind of kick ass. Aubrey Plaza, the tiny one next to Judd is my new favorite chick comedian. I also love how bored Judd & Leslie's kids look.

The Playlist posted this, so go there if you want a bigger pic for the spank bank.

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