Thursday, November 20, 2008

vote for videos

if you want to waste a little time and you like good music...

go to the Subterranean (the only reason to turn on MTV2) site to vote for the Top 10 videos of 2008.
best part is you can watch all the videos on the site. whoop dee do.

My personal faves are:

radiohead ~ house of cards/all i need

she & him ~ why do you let me stay here

tapes & tapes ~ hang them all

the ting tings ~ great dj

tv on the radio ~ dancing choose/golden age

m.i.a. ~ paper planes

mgmt ~ time to pretend/electric feel

portishead ~ machine gun/the trip

matt & kim ~ daylight

the kooks ~ always where i need

iron & wine ~ boy with a coin

grand ole party ~ look out young son

flight of the conchords ~ ladies of the world

fleet foxes ~ white winter hymnal/he doesn't know why

feist ~ i feel it all

css ~ move

bon iver ~ the wolves (act I and II)

beck ~ orphans

Jeepers. That's way more than 10. I'm gonna have to narrow my shit down.
sidebar: this is the first time i'm seeing the Radiohead "All I Need" video. what an idiot. where have i been?
pitchfork wrote about it a million years ago (in april).
my God it's sad.
i shall do my best to continue thinking "All I Need" is a sexy love song.


Los said...

Yeeesh! Tapes n Tapes?! I would think twice about that choice girl, check out what I said about it way back when.

Also, I think you might be missing some Bjork on your list. What's up with that?! : )

Nicole said...

Chill the fuck out man.

People make mistakes.

I accidentally forgot to include the Wanderlust video.
That was dumb since it's literally one of the best music videos ever made.

As for the tapes n' tapes video...yeah it's not the best, but i like that song.

Los said...

Yeah, I like the song too, I just wish the video were great.

I figured you would've had Bjork on your list, but just forgot. I still luuuuv ya!

Nicole said...

Thanks Los.

I was scared that you would block me from Shots Ring Out.