Tuesday, November 18, 2008

rachel getting married

i spent tonight at the arclight instead of at ucb. at first i was sad about it, then i saw           Rachel Getting Married.

the second it started i forgot you and me and everything that wasn't onscreen. it's been a long time since i was so pleasantly surprised by a film. i wasn't expecting much because i know a few people who weren't fond of it and i've stayed away from reviews. 

anne hathaway, in the opposite of princess diaries mode is 100% deserving of the Oscar nomination she will get. i wish the same for rosemarie dewitt, who is the one that gets married. she is luminous.
who does she get married to? um freaking Tunde Adebimpe. how did i really have no idea that the lead singer of TV on the Radio was in this? i'm dumb. and again, i didn't read reviews. and i apparently wasn't reading pitchfork.

i wish this movie was real and that i knew this family and i got to attend a wedding like this. with love and music and love and love and music. i stumbled onto this blog and i agree with his review of the movie. he doesn't give too much away (like most critics do).

what am i rambling about? i've had too many diet cokes today.

anyway~go see this if you love movies. 

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