Tuesday, November 18, 2008

there goes my best buy card

i have to buy all these DVDs that are out today:

Tropic Thunder ( the extras alone will be worth the price, and the fake trailers )

Heathers 20th High School Reunion Edition ( have we met? this movie rules the my universe. i already own 2 copies, one signed by Daniel Waters. )

Wall • E (my favorite love story of the year)

Wu: The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan ( it's rare that i buy a DVD without seeing it first. that's how strongly i feel about the Clan. )


Mary Anne said...
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Mary Anne said...

i was going to get you Heathers for Jesus' birthday. Should I not now?

Oh and PS if you would have read my blog you would have known about Tunde and how much I LEURVE his version of Unknown Legend as vows.

PPS I didn't say I hated it. It just gave me motion sickness.