Monday, January 28, 2008

i love/hate you SAG awards.


Daniel Day-Lewis.

~We knew he was going to win. He deserves it. His clip showed better range than some of the full movies of other nominees. He looked normal (ie, not wearing some crazy plaid get-up. sort of a disappointment really....part of the reason why i am in love with him is his bizarro weirdness. his speech though, combined with the Oprah appearance made me & the world realize DDL is very much the opposite of Daniel Planview..sweet, shy and softspoken...but also maybe secretly longed the work with Heath Ledger. Like a lot.)

Tina Fey.

Glad she won. Love her. One of the hardest people working in TV right now.

The Office.

Love that they won. I miss seeing Jim. I mean them.

Kate Beckinsale and American Ferrera.

My votes for most beautiful and best dressed of the night.

Miss USA (hahaha! America! Miss USA! I'm funny?) fucking owned this dress. Maybe it's because I am obsessed with grey right now..but I LOVE this. Well-played Monique Lhuillier.

I already think Kate is most attractive chick celebrity alive. When i saw her from a few feet away at Comic Con, I literally got mad. So not fair. How can one person hog that much hotness?

Dennis Leary. Why do I love him? Because when he came out to present....he addressed the audience " Hello Friend-o's". OMG. Magical.

Ok. Now time for the hate.

DEBBIE MATENOPOLOUS. Holy Mother of God. I watch the red carpet shit so I should be used to the stupid questions by now, but this asshole takes it to a new level. At least you expect rude shit from Joan Rivers, she's old and half dead and so made of plastic she probably can't control what flies out of her mouth. But Debbie. Oh God Debbie. Asking Ricky Gervais if he cared that Steve Carell was more famous than him! and acting like he was nominated for The Office, not Extras....Oh and when Brad & Angelina got there she's all "Brad and Angela are here!" I have a hundred more examples. There's not enough time. oh-but at one point she was making me so mad that i had to mute my tv and listen to music...whilst on mute i saw that the closed captioning people don't know how to spell Coen brothers. It's Coen. Not Cohen. Geez.


Stop giving people awards just because it's their last season on the air.


Stop Giving people awards just because they are old. Seriously. She was hardly even in the movie.


Sadly since she won she will most likely win the Oscar. How unfortunate. Marion Cotillard losing this category is one of the most ridiculous awards upsets I can remember. Please watch la Vie En Rose. She is absolutely amazing. Julie Christie, not so much. I thought the man that played her husband in the film, Gordon Pinset did a much better job. And, when they called her name she quickly reached into her bag to get out her speech. BOOO!!! I hate when people have speeches!

Angelina Jolie.

I don't care if you are trying to hide your pregnancy. You don't have to wear an ugly dress. Vintage Hermes? Who cares? Time to fire your stylist, that tent was ugly, not-ironed and a horrible shade of poop brown. Why does everyone love her? I don't get it.

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