Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sex and Death 101

nope! it's not the new class i'm teaching at the Learning Annex! it's the new movie from super-awesome Daniel Waters.

(the same Daniel Waters that wrote the greatest movie of all time, Heathers. really seriously, Heathers is what started me being obsessed with movies. we rented it for my b-day/slumber party in 1990. i remember starting it and loving every second until my mom walked into the room as Heather Chandler was all "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, do I look like Mother Teresa?" and promptly removed the tape from the VCR. this of course only made me want to watch it more. after a long tantrum and guilt trip filled with tears i got the tape back and my friends and i watched it like 3 times. slumber parties were fun. my friend kristen and i then added that tape to our list of other frequently viewed movies, Ferris, The Breakfast Club, and oddly Pet Sematary.)

IMDBpro (that's what i use because I am professional and fancy) says that Sex and Death 101 has a release date of February 22, but who the heck knows?

Besides Daniel Waters writing and directing, Veronica Sawyer herself, Winona Ryder stars and Patton Oswalt is in it too. This is one to look forward too.

This is an interview with Daniel & cast and Fantastic Fest back in September.

Cinematical seemed to love the movie. Read the review here.

Also noteworthy: My friend Veronica works for director Mark Waters (dir. Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and the upcoming Spiderwick Chronicles) who just so happens to be brother to Daniel. Um, she had Daniel sign a copy of Heathers on DVD for me. Fucking awesome.

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