Wednesday, January 30, 2008

carrie brownstein rules

if you don't know who carrie brownstein is, you should. she's super rad and best known for being singer/guitarist in the band Sleater-Kinney.

since they are currently on some sort of hiatus and she's super smart, she has a blog on NPRs web-site called Moniter Mix.

she is also pals with my boyfriend Fred Armisen and they've done these videos together.

now i am going to copy her a little.

from her blog:

Listening to:

Imaad Wasif w/ Two Part Beast Strange Hexes. The album is out March 18th, but you can listen to it here.

Reading: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

Watching: La Vie En Rose (well, I'm not watching it right now, obviously).

Awaiting: I'll admit it, the season opener of Lost.

now my answers:

Listening to: (one of the few perks of using a PC)

you get to pick from a buncha different stations. currently i'm listening to "future perfect" and the song is "passover" from Joy Divisions' Closer album. Hmmm. Future? that came out in 1980.

Reading: Inside Inside by James Lipton. Don't laugh. Dude has stories.

Watching: Starting Out in the Evening. about to start it. in the morning.

Awaiting: I'll admit it, the season opener of Lost. (me too Carrie Brownstein!)

she would hate me i'm sure since i like, read Perez Hilton and add the word "like" to sentences. but i love her anyway.

fun fact: She had a role in the Miranda July film Getting Stronger Everyday.

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