Monday, December 22, 2008

germany in the 70s

a few of my friends and i play this game called "Totally Your Husband" (or TYH for shortsies).

it's been going on for years and years. it can happen in person, thru email or over the phone as some of us live hundreds of miles away from each other now.

the idea is: just pick out a freak and TYH someone.
once i was driving and i saw a dude on a bike wearing leopard print bike shorts, pink knee socks, a white v-neck and a rastafarian hat with fake dreads. i immediately called colleen and TYH'd her. Done and done.

holly just sent this video with husbands (and wives) for everyone!

email subject line:
Apparently, all of our husbands formed a soccer-themed dance troupe‏

i have NO idea what is going on here, nor do i know what they are saying. it is magical nonetheless.
"They're kind of like sprockets but in soccer uniforms and less Metropolis-esque!" is what my friend Carrie said.

i just want to keep watching this until life makes sense.

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Catherine Just said...

jerry and I laughed through the entire thing. COuldn't stop watching!