Monday, November 5, 2007


that's what i call my boyfriend Philip Seymour Hoffman. PSH. it's easier for me to say when i'm like yelling to him from the living room to pause the tivo so i don't miss the beginning of whatever we are watching together.

i love him is the bottom line.

yesterday i saw Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

this is a small* film directed by Sidney Lumet, and it is fantastic. oscar contender shit, dude. one of those movies where you walk out and realize that you are back in real life. you know what i mean? you are totally submerged in this movie. it sucks you in. i didn't look at my watch, my mind didn't wander to my next meal or what am i wearing to work tomorrow or do i need to go to target. PSH is so amazing and casting albert finney as his dad was such a good idea (no recent dad/son casting this great comes to mind except seth rogen & harold ramis in knocked up). everyone does a great job here. ethan hawke = so good. mr. finney = soo good.

i realized that network is the only lumet film i've seen and i feel lame about it. i'm going to add something of his to my queue.

in conclusion: PSH might be the greatest actor alive today.

*by "small" film i mean it was released into 43 theaters, as opposed to American Gangster in 3,054 theaters.
p.s. American Gangster underwhelmed me.

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