Monday, November 26, 2007

Beck Announces a Special L.A. Club Performance!

I love when I get email surprises like this!

Tickets on sale Friday November 23rd at 5pm
and it's also awesome when i read the message 45 minutes before the tickets go on sale with an "i don't really care either way because i've seen Beck 5 times" attitude.
so i learned that when i am shruggy and nonchalant i will get the tickets.

the show was fantastic and mr. hansen played all the hits. i'm not mad at him for ending the show with the downer "lost cause", because it sounded really pretty and the rest of the show was uppy and fun. He didn't play "Go It Alone" which i LOVE, but he did play "Nausea" and that sounded rad!
p.s. the super producer GOD Nigel Godrich was playing keyboards! Beck kept saying that they've only been playing together for 4 days so they couldn't play everything, but they played almost 20 songs! And Joey Waronker was drumming! I really wanted to jump onstage and thank nigel for producing some of the best music on earth. (radiohead dude. radiohead.)

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