Wednesday, November 7, 2007


last night i did the same thing i do every tuesday and went to comedy death ray @ the ucb theatre. it's always a good time, but some nights are more magical than others. last night was one example. tim & eric were there (everyone should be watching their freaky-ass show on adult swim). kristen schaal was there (she's mel from flight of the conchords and is super-fantastic). ron lynch was there and rad. chris hardwick, always delivers. a.d. miles from dog bites man (RIP), super hilarious. fast pop in from the great bearded one, zach galifianakis. but, my fave fave fave is Paul F. Tompkins. "PFT". How and why he is so funny is one of the great mysteries of the universe. If he doesn't make you LOL you're not on my team. No one else can make stories about his mother's wake (seriously) and a bad haircut so effing hysterical. his delivery, timing, and expressions are priceless and entertaining as hell. i've seen him do stand-up maybe 150 times and no matter what he always gives me the face-hurting laughter that i so desperately crave and thrive on in my sad life. plus he always wears a nice fancy suit.

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