Friday, November 9, 2007

Angel City Drive-In

Tonight I am going to this and I'm WAY excited about it. (in case you missed it i have strong feelings for judd. those other dudes are pretty rad too. duh.):

But if I wasn't going to that I'd totally be going to this:

to see this:

That's right. A drive-in. Old fashioned. Classic. Sit in your car and watch a movie, drive-in. Totally fucking awesome.
A couple months ago I went with my friend Holly when they were showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure. What a perfect way to spend a night. Load up a shopping basket with snacks and deli sandwiches and drinks (yeah, drinks if you want) from the fancy Ralph's on 9th. Then drive like half a mile to a parking lot that might look shady any other night of the week. Yeah! Downtown rules and I love it. You pay by car, but you can go in on foot too....just bring a blankie or woobie or a folding chair or whatevs. Before the movie they show old-timey cartoons like you are really at a drive-in in the 50s or something. It's so great. When we went there were some dudes dressed as Pee Wee and people that came in on bikes got in cheaper. And you know how they go to a drive-in in the Pee Wee movie? Every time they mentioned "drive-in" on screen all of us audience folk cheered at our celluloid shout-out. Good times.
Needless to say I am sad that I can't make it to the dude-fest tonight.
For Future Reference, upcoming movies are Blue Velvet, Trading Places and A Christmas Story.
I'm so there.

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