Thursday, November 8, 2007

Juno. How I love thee.

i am happier than a pig in shit to report that i was right in predicting my love for this movie.
it was flawless from the title animation and music to the acting and script.

if ellen page doesn't get an oscar nomination i might boycott the show. wait, who am i joking? i can't. i am a dumb slave to the oscars. i can't not watch. even when i get real mad at them. i'm still holding a grudge about julianne moore in boogie nights losing to kim basinger in l.a. confidential in 1997.

anyway, ellen will will the spirit award i'm sure. at least there are the spirit awards.

so, the soundtrack. oooh oooh the dreamy soundtrack! bra-vo to kimya dawson from the moldy peaches. damnit, these songs are so perfect in this movie. and sonic youth and cat power. this music meshes so perfectly with the characters and tone of the movie it seems as though they were writen just for the film (they weren't).

oh snap, and ellen's character juno has all these dope posters on her bedroom wall! fucking Tara McPherson posters! (Tara McPherson is my fave and i met her at comic-con and drooled on her a little bit.) also, juno mentions McSweeney's! i love that like 9 people will get that.
and holy shit is the movie quotable. if only everyone could talk like this. conversations would be more fun. hopefully diablo cody will get a screenplay nomination. i love her.

i want to be friends with juno.

i want to see the movie again.

everyone's great in it. i need to stop gushing.

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goyston said...

i am one of the nine people who got the McSweeney's reference. yay McSweeney's!