Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm really excited

1st thing i'm excited about:
Radiohead. In Rainbows is their 7th album and it came out on October 10th. i think i've listened to it 48 majillion times. (majillion is a lot, for realsies). track # 7 is "reckoner". i am in love with it.
listen to what the reviewer dude on pitchfork said about it. i am cutting and pasting cuz i agree 100%.
"It may not be the most immediate track on the album, but over the course of several listens, it reveals itself to be among the most woozily beautiful things the band has ever recorded."

because i am too lazy to type about it here's the link to the In Rainbows wikipedia page. damn i am helpful.

2nd thing i'm excited about: Project Runway.

it's been 13 months since last season ended. i've been missing it ever since!
this is the best reality show ever.
season 4 premiere is tonight.
(my wednesday tv requirements are totally out of control! i guess i should savor it since the strike is going to shove tv down the toilet.)

here's the PR wiki link in case you forgot how i am helpful and forthgiving with information.

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