Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holiday Shopping, internet style

since black friday is almost here i am going to start holiday shopping online. this is because i hate the GP (that means general public, people). getting up the day after thanksgiving when it is still dark outside to stand in line to get into a store is the closest thing to hell i can possibly imagine. what goes on inside these stores? do they give away shit for free? do they tell you the meaning of life at the cash register? foot massages while you wait? are the discounts really that amazing? i don't get it.
this is why i like shopping online.

here are some of my favorite sites.
Uncommon Goods you can pretty much find something for everyone here.
Quirk Books great books that are quirky, hence title.
Perpetual Kid wacky toys. so fun.
Giant Robot the shit.
Sweet Tooth Designs pretty jewelry for the ladies.
Blue Q Merchandise random stuff. you can just maybe go to Wacko though.
Snooze City Designs this is where you buy rad pillowcase sets. (turnatbles, bride & groom, etc.)
Chiasso inspired designs for the home. the web-site says that, not me. i just say it's cool.
Insound CDs and band t-shirts
American Apparel everyone should own some AA
Flight 001 there's a store on 3rd st., but who wants to look for parking? go here for a traveler

Also good gifts: Magazine subscriptions! the gift that keeps on giving. in some cases longer than a friendship!
2 unisex ones that i love:
Blackbook magazine
Mean magazine

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