Thursday, March 20, 2008

the 64 greatest things about L.A.

one of my "must-reads" of all time is Los Angeles Magazine.
right now they are holding a little competition to discover what the best thing in all of L.A. is.
The 64 Greatest Things About L.A. is kind of awesome and kind of the hardest thing ever at the same time.
They are already in the 2nd round of voting right now, and while partaking this morning i was asked to choose between things like:

Amoeba vs. In-n-Out (ACK!)

Central Library vs. Langers (while this seems easy at first glance, it's not because that library is beautiful! but, is it as beautiful to the eyes as a Langer's pastrami is pleasing to my stomach?!)

MOCA vs. the Arclight (to me, the Arclight always wins-but the MOCA is a delight!)

Spaceland vs. Trader Joe's (ouch. these decisions hurt my brain.)

Here's what they say:
We told you this wasn't easy! Trying to win the office basketball pool is hard enough; settling on the greatest thing in Los Angeles is something else entirely. We know. When you were last here, there were 64 contenders for the title of greatest thing; now, thanks to all those votes you cast last month, we have narrowed the list to 32 (and thanks, ahem, for all those comments—keep 'em coming!). The responsibility for determining the favorite sight, ritual, delicacy, or landmark in town still rests with you. Here, we simply make the case for each of the remaining 32 contenders. In the ensuing months, the votes you cast here will whittle the field to 16, 8, 4, and, finally, a single winner. It's just like the college tournament, only without the secret product endorsements. Or the body paint. When the champion is crowned in August, victory may well be yours.

Go to L.A. Magazine's site to vote.

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