Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baby Mama

I saw it last night.
I was really nervous.
Guess what? No reason to be.
I laughed my ass off. It's great.
It's no secret that I have a major *NSGC on both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and if you don't have a special place in your heart for these fantastic ladies you might have a problem with this movie. (and with me)
With all due respect to Tina, Amy kind of steals the whole thing. Every fucking thing out of her mouth is gold...and watching the 2 of them doing karaoke together was extra fun because you can easily tell that their chemistry is not forced and that they are like total BFF in real life.

nice supporting cast me some greg kinnear. romany malco is funny as the dude who teaches tina the term "baby mama". dax shepard (who was sitting behind us with his GF Kristen Bell and is super hot and MAB calls him the blonde Zach Braff and she is totally right!) was hilarious as the *DPWT. And there was a very funny small role from a HUGE famous dude that i don't think they are publicizing. (one of your favorite dudes cary)

Go see it April 25th.

*NSGC = non-sexual girl crush
*DPWT = dirty po' white trash

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