Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apatow & Co. Stuff

remember how i said i LOVED the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

the main character (written and played by Jason Segal) has a blog.



and while we're talking about Apatow & Co.....
Paley Festival last night was the greatest thing ever.
to quote Judd: It was like a reverse roast.

on the panel (left to right):
Seth Rogen (his laugh is still my favorite noise in the universe)
Jason Segal (hot)
Paul Feig (genius)
Busy Phillips (cute and very pregnant)
Garry Shandling (dude, it's Larry Sanders.)
Tom Arnold (high on something and creating many awkward moments)
Jonah Hill (lost his voice after the SNL afterparty)
Paul fucking Rudd (super hot even with mountain man beard)
Andy Dick (annoying)



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