Tuesday, March 18, 2008

todd barry

a/v club has an interview.

he's funny.

this is an excerpt from his web-site:

Great Todd Barry Quotes

Todd says a lot of amazing and fascinating things. A LOT. This page will feature some of the most amazing and fascinating things he's ever said. Sure, you can use these quotes to annihilate people at cocktail parties, but why not do something more positive? Use them as part of your email signature! Here come the quotes. And don't worry, more will be added!

They did a nice job renovating that Thai place.-- Todd Barry, on the job they did renovating that Thai place.

My dandruff shampoo is made in Israel.-- Todd Barry, on the country where his dandruff shampoo is made.

My gastroenterologist is pretty easy to talk to.-- Todd Barry, on how easy it is to talk to his gastroenterologist

It's probably best to buy name brand razor blades.-- Todd Barry, on buying razor blades

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