Friday, March 14, 2008

Mean Magazine

This post is just an homage to Mean Magazine.

Really really do yourself a favor and subscribe to this. I always enjoy it, but the newest issue is too good to not share with the world (world or the 3 people that read this) .

Seriously, my co-workers have had me shove the Kate Beckinsale photo spread in their faces all week.

The photos are so ridiculously good-looking (like Derek Zoolander).

Maybe one of the best photo spreads ever.

Much to my surprise and delight I learn it was styled by Rachel Zoe. Everyone has shat on her for the last five or so years for turning her clients into clones of herself. People like Nicole Ritchie (before she got all cute and motherly), cracked-out Lohan, and Mischa Farton all followed her lead in a zombie-like stupor. They lost retarded amounts of weight, used strawberry flavored coke (allegedly!), draped themselves in vintage, and wore sunglasses bigger than their faces......all under the instruction of Zoe. Anyway....seeing a photo shoot like this reminds why she gets paid the big bucks. Although, the pictures are a total carbon copy of Anna Karina in Serge Gainsbourgs' Rollergirl you have to give her credit for coming up with the idea and executing it perfectly and with a modern twist. Is it totally shitty to use the term "modern twist"?

Kate isn't the only reason to buy the magazine either. There are interviews with the underrated Sam Rockwell (her current co-star), the way-cute Lizzy Caplan, and rad Demetri Martin.

Here's a video of the cover shoot.

you're welcome.

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