Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 movies

Yahoo posted a list of their most anticipated movies of '08 (which is so close i can taste it)

I agree with some of their picks, but I like mine better.

1. Cloverfield (duh)
2. Be Kind Rewind (Gondry! Black! Def!)
3. Apatow movies. Pineapple Express. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Drillbit Taylor. Step Brothers.
4. The Dark Knight (duh)
5. Iron Man (duh. i think this movie will kick Batman's ass, BTW)
7. Wall•E ( best robot since Johnny # 5) *
8. My Blueberry Nights (Wong Kar Wai dude)
9. Leatherheads (Krasinski & Clooney. I will have a hard time breathing for this one)
10. Baby Mama (you had me at Tina Fey)
11. The Happening (sorry, i like M. Night Shymalan)
12. Semi Pro (i heart Will Ferrell)
13. Harold & Kumar
14. The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton is amazing)
15. Get Smart (i just have a really good feeling about it.)
16. Speed Racer (curious)
17. Spring Breakdown (the release date keeps getting pushed and now there is none but amy poehler, will arnett, parker posey, jane lynch.....come on!)
18. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fincher.)
19. Tropic Thunder (this cast is way too awesome for words)
20. Star Trek (JJ, you got me again)

my list is way too long.

*while researching to see who voiced Johnny #5 out of curiosity I saw that there is an updating/re-imagining of Short Circuit in development right now. I love this news.

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