Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Arrested Development (the TV show, not the progressive hip hop group from Atlanta, Georgia)

i am obsessed with Arrested Development, and whilst the notion of an AD movie scares me a little ( in the same way a sequel to Ferris Bueller's Day Off does. like don't fuck with perfection.) i am also intrigued. One reason being, even the not-that-great episodes of AD were totally fantastic, hilarious and more original that everything on tv at the time. and now.
So, it's to be expected that we are going to hear rumors and whisperings of and AD movie, especially when Michael and George Michael Bluth are making the interview rounds to promote Juno. I dismiss the talk and just think "oh jackass reporters have nothing better to ask them" but then i see an article about it on the Paste magazine site and it says "according to ReelzChannel" blah blah blah. Um, that's were I work dude. So there you go. Read it and weep. Or clap. Then you can click the link to peruse the Reelz web-site because it's informative and stuff.
and go to if you love Arrested Dev might be the best fan site ever.

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