Friday, December 21, 2007

iTunes Celebrity playlists

the other day my trusty ol' pal julianne told me to take a look at the celebrity playlists on itunes, presumably because she knows i am obsessed with Juno. Jason Reitman, Ellen Page, Jason Bateman and Michael Cera all have one. Hopefully one is on it's way from Diablo.
i hadn't looked at the playlists in a long time, and i'd forgotten how much enjoyment i get out of knowing what songs and why for people i have opinions about that i don't personally know, so i can further judge them.
So now I want to be BFF with Ellen Page even more. i love her reason for liking the Broken Social Scene song "Lover's Spit". I can't cut & paste from itunes so go there and judge for your damn self.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't see Jason Reitman's, but you're right; Ellen Page, Jason Bateman and Michael Cera all have solid playlists. Also surprisingly not bad: Christy Turlington. Who knew. The tennis brothers' list is hilarious, as is Paula Abdul's (check out her comment about the Journey song on her list). I wonder if their publicists put these lists together for them.