Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Juno comes out today. Go see it L.A.

i know, i know...obsess much nicole?

can't help it.

i love Juno!
to further feed my addiction to this movie my super thoughtful co-worker, TV's Gerrad Hall gave me the "dancing elks" school t-shirt seen in the movie that he got from the press junket. i'm wearing it today like a stalker and writing with the Juno pen that looks like a pregnancy test.
this pen might be one of the best movie marketing tools i've ever seen.

it's out today in LA!
go to the landmark theater, the grove or the greatest place on earth the Arclight to see it.

you won't be sorry. and if you are sorry, then you are lame.

watch future Oscar nominee Ellen Page (best actress) speak the LOL words of Diablo Cody ( best screenplay).

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Allie said...

I saw someone with that pen the other day. I was just wondering where you got it, or where I could get one. Thanks.